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Frogs O’ War Pod Mailbag: The Rebound

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Melissa and Scott will be live from the University Pub Wednesday night, and we are hear to talk to you.

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Melissa and Scott (this week it’s Jamie out of town) will be at University Pub tonight at 8pm, recording the podcast in front of a live audience! Get your questions in now, and we’ll answer them on the show.

We will talk College Football Playoff Rankings, Texas being back, why In N Out is better than Whataburger (you are dealing with two West Coasters, after all), and much more. Be sure to check out the simulcast on facebook, too!

Don’t forget, you can subscribe to the podcast on Podbean, or on iTunes (it’s a NEW iTunes account, so make sure you’re subscribed to the correct one). Also, if you could, please take a few seconds to leave a review on iTunes. It helps boost the profile of the pod, getting us in more ears. We’d be eternally grateful. Thanks!

You can ask us any question you want, so seriously, fire away!