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TCU News: Welcome Back, Basketball!

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The Frogs begin their season tonight with a home game that tips off at 8:00pm.

Links Be Informed Blood


The best coach in Texas doesn't want to leave TCU | ESPN

If you missed this yesterday, it’s a must read. We should all be thankful those other schools didn’t think GP was good enough for them. Ha.

Patterson, who was just two years removed from winning the Rose Bowl back then, wasn't interested in going into details but acknowledged that he's talked with high-profile schools in the past. He interviewed with Nebraska in 2008, when the Huskers hired Bo Pelini, and also interviewed with Tennessee in 2009 after Phillip Fulmer was fired and the Vols hired Lane Kiffin.

"Tennessee didn't think I could handle the big stage," Patterson said. "My wife and I went to dinner with them, and I could tell they had already decided on Kiffin. It was the same with Nebraska. I interviewed and could tell they had already decided on Pelini. I think a lot of these ADs now are more interesting in hiring guys who're going to win the podium than they are in hiring football coaches, and there's a lot more to it than that if you're going to win championships."

How a TCU urban legend grew out of Oklahoma’s famous winning streak | The Star-Telegram

This is a great read as well. An example of integrity and sportsmanship at the highest level.

The next week, on Oct. 11, SI attempted to clarify, saying the real hero was Hill: “Ray Hill, 22, is a stalwart tackle for Texas Christian University and a man of probity. In the TCU-Oklahoma game, Ray’s testimony to his captain that an end-zone pass had touched the ground before it was caught led TCU to accept an ‘incomplete’ ruling. … The touchdown, if allowed, might have made the upset of the week. Oklahoma won only 21-16.”

After the season, and much to the pleasure of Crouch’s teammates, the Kiwanis Club of Fort Worth awarded its Southwest Conference Sportsmanship Award to, who else, Crouch, the first TCU player to win the award.

As teammates are wont to do, that became an instant source of teasing material, Clinkscale said.

“They still give me a lot of hell about that day,” Crouch said in the 1991 interview. “They know I really wasn’t the greatest sportsman when it came to football.”

Could Big 12's reputation for bad defense really keep it out of the College Football Playoff? | Sports Day

Does the winner of tomorrow’s game have enough to get into the CFP?

My guess is Oklahoma even though there's a very small difference in the CFP. Oklahoma has the nation's No. 1 offense, a great road win at Ohio State, a great playmaker in Baker Mayfield and the fact that its, well, Oklahoma. TCU has a top-10 defense -- and the old school guys on the committee might like that -- as well as a balanced offense and the fact that Gary Patterson seems to command a healthy does of respect. But neither really has a shot with two losses unless chaos develops so the Big 12 has to hope that one wins out.

TCU prediction: Could Oklahoma, Baker Mayfield be in for rude awakening vs. Frogs' defense? | Sports Day

How much of this game will come down to defense? Can TCU’s slow down the Sooners enough to get a win, even if the O struggles?

Keeping Mayfield off the field is essential. The only way to beat him for sure is to take the ball out of his hands. Look for TCU to spread the field and use multiple running backs to methodically march down the field. We saw how the Frogs could drain a clock against Arkansas and last week against Texas. Expect much of the same.

Guessing how Oklahoma might defend TCU is difficult because the Sooners have been inconsistent. They win games by scoring rather than preventing scores.

The best course of action is to jam TCU's front line and try to find a break in the dam. Bring the pass rush, cheat linebackers up -- do anything to contain the Frogs near scrimmage. Sandbag TCU and hope Kenny Hill is inaccurate in the passing game.

No. 6 TCU at No. 5 Oklahoma: Who has the edge? We break down the matchups. | Tulsa World

Edge to TCU in the running and passing games? Really? If that’s the case, Frogs will win.

When TCU passes…

TCU’s passing numbers aren’t as absurd as Oklahoma State’s, but Sonny Cumbie’s spread attack is sure to give the OU defense fits.

Edge: TCU

When TCU runs …

Darius Anderson and Kyle Hicks have been an effective one-two punch, and OU’s rush defense is looking more susceptible than it was early in the year.

Edge: TCU


TCU basketball now expects to win big, but that’s nothing new for Jamie Dixon | The Star-Telegram


“There’s no pressure at all,” Williams said. “We’ve just got to come out and play. We know we can play.”

And Dixon can coach. He has the fifth-most career wins among the coaches in the Big 12, a league where five coaches have been to the Final Four. Dixon makes TCU competitive in the coaching box like it rarely has been.

“We expect to compete for a conference championship,” he said. “That’s what we expected last year. I know people look at me like I’m crazy, but we won 24 games — second-most in school history — and I thought we should have won more.”


Arizona soccer to host TCU in first round of ‘unpredictable’ NCAA Tournament | Arizona Desert Swarm

TCU will try and advance in the tournament after having qualified for the second consecutive year - and second time ever. They’ll face a tough obstacle in Arizona.

Amato didn’t know much about TCU before Selection Monday, but he’s watched the Horned Frogs’ game vs. Oklahoma — a mutual opponent — among other video of them.

Both Arizona and TCU beat the Sooners, 2-0.

“That result was the same exact and the game looked similar to ours,” Amato said. “They’re going to be a good team. They’re in the NCAA Tournament for a reason. We’ll have to play our A-game if we’re gonna win.”