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#6 TCU Horned Frogs @ #5 Oklahoma Sooners Gamethread

This, as the former vice president would say, is a big f**king deal

Go get 'em, Kenny.
Go get 'em, Kenny.
Kevin Jairaj-USA TODAY Sports

When playing or coaching a game myself, I am about as far from superstitious as it gets. I know that what I have done during the week to prepare myself/my team for the game and the plays I make or call will have a direct effect on the game. Much more than if I wear my hat just so or make sure that I'm in my lucky socks. I am a logical man of reason in these situations, there is no luck, there is only the right play, the right player and the right place.

For today's TCU game, I am in a white TCU shirt to match the team, have my lucky socks, and will only be drinking out of the cup I drank out of the last home game I attended- TCU 37, #3 OU 33. Being a fan is difficult, because if you're not at the game and able to make noise, or at least tell your coach to "Run the touchdown play!", there is no control you have over the outcome. The game will occur, and your mood will be that of elation or crushing depression and there is logically nothing you can do about it. So we wear our lucky shirts, and we change them at halftime if it hasn't been working for us. We want to do everything we can to help, no matter how insane it sounds to those on the outside. This is the life of a fan, and the bigger the game, the stranger the rituals.

Today is the biggest game for the Frogs since 2014, as a win will give the Frogs not only a win over a top 5 opponent, but all but lock up a spot in the Big 12 Championship game, as well as putting the Frogs in position to make the playoff. On the other side, Oklahoma is playing for the exact same thing with the exact same stakes (though a top 6 win is what the Sooners would have to settle for), and their fans will be donning their special OU shirt that they wore in the 2000 title game but was in the wash against USC and Florida, and together we will watch, live and die with every snap. This is what makes sports special, and we're all fortunate to be in this situation. You've read the analysis, you know what both teams will try to do to win this game, and now we all wait and watch together.

So put on your luckiest shirt, wear your hat just so and tie your shoelaces before every key play frog fans, and let's enjoy this one together. This is your gamethread for live chat, analysis, reaction and more. Let's storm Norman one more time.

Go Frogs.