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Darius Anderson could be out for the year

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The sophomore running back left Saturday night’s game with a foot injury and it appears his season is over.

NCAA Football: Texas Christian at Oklahoma Mark D. Smith-USA TODAY Sports

Darius Anderson was running all over the Sooners Saturday night, until he wasn’t, as TCU’s leading rusher was forced out due to injury in the first half.

Anderson, who was rolled up on by a TCU offensive lineman and Sooner defensive lineman left the field in the second quarter and needed help off, unable to put any weight on his injured leg.

On Sunday, the news TCU fans didn’t want to hear came out.

"Big loss, but like I told [the team], 'Who's the next guy?'" Patterson said. "'If you were the guy complaining because you weren't getting enough carries, well guess what? Now it's your turn. ... so somebody better step up.'"

Anderson has rushed for 768 yards and eight touchdowns this season, taking the bulk of the carries early, when Kyle Hicks was out with an injury himself. Now, it will be up to Hicks, and sophomore Sewo Olonilua, to carry the load in the dynamic runner’s absence. TCU could also use KaVontae Turpin, Kenedy Snell, and Shaun Nixon out of the backfield if necessary.