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Frogs O’ War Pod Mailbag: Question Our Choices

You have a lot of questions after last week, we know, and we want you to ask them. Here. Today.

It’s Podcast Night at the Pub, and Jamie and Melissa will be there broadcasting live for your viewing and listening pleasure. But this week, join us early, at 6:45pm, so we can all go to watch TCU Basketball after, together.

Can’t make it out there? Be sure to drop your hard-hitting questions in the comments, and we will answer them. We can talk TCU-OU, Texas Tech, what kind of lip gloss Kliffy uses, how bad-a the West Texas Saddle Trophy is, TCU Hoop’s 2-0 start, or whatever else your heart desires.

Hope to see y’all there... but if not... BRING THE HEAT IN THE COMMENTS!