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TCU News: The Injury Bug Strikes Again

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The Frogs will be missing several key players against Texas Tech and possibly beyond.


TCU QB Kenny Hill, safety and kicker not making trip to Texas Tech | The Star-Telegram

Everything is bad.

Patterson has not said why Hill or the other players are unavailable, but two people close to the team have said it is because of concussions for Hill and Small. No injury was apparent for Hill or Howard in the Oklahoma last week, and both spoke with reporters after the game. Typically, TCU does not bring injured players to the interview room.

Song was unable to practice last week, Patterson said, but traveled and dressed at Oklahoma before the team decided not to use him. Cole Bunce kicked two PATs. Ryan Graf missed a 30-yard field goal in the first quarter.

Freshman Shawn Robinson to get first career start vs. Texas Tech | ESPN

This is what (a lot of you) have wanted, Frog fans. Now we see what the top recruit can do with meaningful snaps.

Robinson, a former ESPN 300 recruit, has appeared in five games, completing 7 of 10 passes for 99 yards with two touchdowns.

Patterson also told the Star-Telegram that starting safety Niko Small and kicker Jonathan Song will not make the trip to Texas Tech. Leading tackler Travin Howard will be a game-time decision with an undisclosed injury, as well.

The Horned Frogs already have lost leading rusher Darius Anderson to a season-ending leg injury at Oklahoma.

TCU will need to win its next two games to make the Big 12 championship game. A loss would open the door for Oklahoma State and would also keep West Virginia alive in the chase.

TCU prediction: How might injuries affect the Frogs against Texas Tech? | Sports Day

I am far more concerned with how the defense replaces the players on their side of the ball than I am with the offense. Robinson will be fine.

Makes you wonder what kind of day Nic Shimonek could have if Howard, Wilson and Small are out. Small would be one less thing to be worried about in the secondary and Howard and Wilson's absence would take away from TCU's pass rush -- they're more involved than you'd think.

My advice to Texas Tech would be to slowly chip away at TCU and stay on the field. The Red Raiders have a receiving corps deep enough to put up serious points. Wipe the big plays off the table though, there's no shame in playing small ball. Against a vulnerable TCU defense that may or may not get much help from its offense, the Red Raiders should focus on executing high percentage plays.

Watch OU QB Baker Mayfield hit a TCU player in the head with throw during warmups | The Star-Telegram

Great player, trash person.

The Anti-Preview: Texas Tech vs. No. 18 TCU | Viva the Matadors

Lackluster fans? Did you see the Jones in the fourth quarter of a game that would eventually go to overtime? Once they run out of tortillas, their fan base checks out. Also, screw you for comparing us to Baylor. I hope we beat them by eleventy billion with our backup QB.

That tipped pass in the 2015 game was BULLCRAP AND YOU KNOW IT!!!

They’re virtually Baylor’s Ft. Worth campus.

Coach Patterson claimed that a frozen water bottle hit him in the head during TCU’s visit to Lubbock in 2015 - try to explain to me the physics of how somebody brought in a frozen water bottle and kept it frozen while it was 78 degrees and sunny.

A “horned frog” isn’t even a real thing. They’re referring to the Texas horned lizard which is... a lizard. Huh, some biology courses they have.

TCU has one of the most lackluster fan-bases I have ever seen and still manage to have decent sports.