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69 nice takeaways from TCU’s 27-3 win against Texas Tech

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A win is a win

TCU v Texas Tech Photo by John Weast/Getty Images

It wasn’t always pretty, and there were some struggles here and there, but the Frogs were able to get out of Lubbock with a win and that’s all that really matters. There are a lot of takeaways in this one...

  1. In his first start Shawn Robinson looked like....a true freshman getting his first start on a short week of practice with the first team.
  2. As a passer, Robinson needs some work. He showed that he can throw the deep ball, but he’s got to learn how to be patient and go through his reads.
  3. However, not too much should be expected from a true freshman in his first start.
  4. On the other hand, man was he elite as a runner. he averaged 8.4 yards a carry and rushed for 84 yards on the day. He was hard to take down at times, and looked elite when running the option.
  5. The flashes were there though. I loved the play call where Robinson rolled out and threw an intermediate pass to Reagor for what was the Frogs’ second touchdown of the game.
  6. He needs to work on his ball security. He had three fumbles on the day, but thankfully the Red Raiders only recovered one.
  7. We won a game with our quarterback completing 6 passes.
  8. This team finds ways to win.
  9. Yes Tech is not the best team in the conference, but we just went on the road without 5 key starters and won by 24.
  10. The defense, once again, is the real MVP
  11. TCU’s streak of second half shut outs lives on. It is currently at 5 games in a row.
  13. But we know how it feels (CC 2016 TCU).
  14. Thank goodness that this game was at 11am.
  15. I don’t even want to imagine what this game would have been like at night.
  16. Ranthony Texada had himself a game.
  17. I don’t think Texada allowed a catch.
  18. So for you who think that our site doesn’t love Texada...please go back in the hole from whence you came. Cause I’m buying stock on Texada island.
  19. Jeff Gladney had himself a game too.
  20. Gladney took an interception, that he ripped out of the hands of the receiver, 90+ yards to the house for a nice pick six.
  21. Unfortunately he dropped the ball at the one yard line.
  22. Thankfully it rolled back into the endzone and he was able to pick it up so it officially counted.
  23. This just supports my theory that Desean Jackson is the most influential player of the decade.
  24. The
  25. Frogs
  26. Are
  27. One
  28. Win
  29. Away
  30. From
  31. Another
  32. Ten
  33. Win
  34. Season
  35. That would be Gary Patterson’s third ten win season while in the Big 12. That’s pretty impressive considering we’ve only been in the conference for 6 years.
  36. Speaking of Coach P, let’s talk about him for a sec.
  37. With 4 starters out, one of them being your starting quarterback, some people (shout out to College Gameday) thought that the Frogs were going to get upset today. To be frank, I was a little nervous as well. All of this being said, what is the one thing that is consistent during the ever rotating landscape of college football?
  38. Good coaching.
  39. So let’s not take how stinking lucky we are to have one of the best coaches in the country for granted. GMFP will always coach our guys up, no matter how bleak the situation. No matter how tough the game looks, you know Gary will never check out and never just go through the motions.
  40. Gary...I just wanted to take this time to say........Thank you.
  41. Okay sorry, there are so many take aways that I am starting to get delirious.
  42. Kyle Hicks! The offensive line didn’t give Hicks as many holes as I’d like, but Hicks kept giving effort on every play and wasn’t afraid to take on the load with Anderson and Hill out today.
  43. Let’s hope Kyle is able to repeat his dominant performance against the Bears again this year.
  44. Oh sh*t we play Baylor next week.
  46. Okay, speaking of the offensive line, they played a very clean game. They got penalized once for a chop block. Other than that the offensive line kept as much pressure off of Robinson as possible.
  47. It was good to see Morris back, even if it was in smaller role than before.
  48. Him and Schlottman split time at center, and both did fine. I’d like to see what Morris looks like next week when he’s hopefully going to be 100%.
  49. I just noticed this, but another example of weird things happening in Lubbock, both teams had EXACTLY 30 minutes of time of possession each.
  50. Despite missing all world linebacker, Travin Howard, Sammy Douglas stepped up and played pretty well.
  51. Same for Gaines in the stead of Niko Small. Issahaku got banged up and Downing (oh God) came in and played fine. That’s all I can really say.
  52. Patterson has always lived by the motto #NextManUp and while it is encouraging to see that the Frogs have depth, let’s hope that we don’t have to test that depth too much.
  53. Today was our 6th time on the season that the Frogs held their opponent under 10 points. That’s impressive.
  54. Especially when you consider that the only team to do the same thing is....Alabama.
  55. Roll Tide.
  56. Our special teams unit did very well today for the most part.
  57. Turpin and Reagor had good returns, showing that you cannot sleep on any aspect of this team. Because they will always find ways to hurt you, whether it be offense, defense, and even special teams.
  58. Pita chips are super underrated.
  59. Am I forgetting to mention anyone? If I do, then please let me know, because if so then I should quit.
  60. I still think that going forward, Kenny is the better option to finish out the season.
  61. Preferring your senior QB over the true freshman isn’t exactly the hottest of takes, but I do think that there are ways that we can use both pretty effectively.
  62. Let me be clear, I love watching Shawn play today, even though it wasn’t always pretty, it’s exciting to see young talent develop and see your trust in the process pay off. However, Kenny is far and away the better passer. Our offense was pretty one dimensional today, and it was able to work, but man there were some ugly drives. Shawn’s got so much potential, but he’s not ready yet.
  63. I think the best way that we can use both is bring in Shawn on those short yardage situations and let him run the option. Would we be telegraphing our play calling? There’s a good chance. However, Tech didn’t think that we were going to let our true freshman QB spin it 30 times in this one. Shawn is an elite runner, and I think we should let him run against team’s that struggle against the run.
  64. I also, you know want to see Kenny finish out his senior season strong. The guy deserves to go out on top.
  65. Then again, I am the king of the Kenny fan club, so you know take everything I say about Kenny with a grain of salt. However, I am being serious here. I hate the takes that say, “Defenses have Hill figured out” or “This switch is exactly what our offense needs to get going”. After today, it’s pretty clear that that isn’t the case. What we need to get our offense going is a healthy offensive line, a ton of effort from our receivers, and smart plays from our quarterback. That’s how we’ve won all of our biggest games this year, and it is what is going to keep us winning games.
  66. Did I mention that Shawn Robinson for Heisman is going tattooed across my collar bone next year?
  67. Oh by the way...this game was almost no fun to watch, and I would like to apologize to everyone that stayed and watched all 60 minutes of this one. It wasn’t pretty, and it was pretty ugly...but good teams find ways to win and that’s what this team did.
  68. WE GOT THE SADDLE TROPHY BACK EVERYONE! EVERYONE’S FAVORITE RIVALRY TROPHY IS BACK IN THE FORT! In all seriousness, the Frogs just got a road win with a quarterback making his first start. Don’t sleep on that. This team can play through adversity, now let’s keep our new year’s six bowl hopes alive by bringing home the “W” next week.
  69. #nice