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TCU News: Morris to Miss Texas Game

The Frogs will be without their starting center for at least one more week.

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Patterson offers injury update on sidelined center and two backups | The Star-Telegram

Getting Morris back for OU is absolutely crucial, as GP announced he will miss the Texas game this weekend.

The Horned Frogs have played without Morris since the fourth quarter of the Oklahoma State game. In four games without him, the Frogs have not produced a 100-yard rusher and have slipped from first to fourth in the Big 12 in rushing.

In pass protection, TCU has allowed three sacks in that time, compared to six in the first four games.

“We really need Patrick Morris to get back,” Patterson said at his midweek press conference. “We haven’t talked much about it, but our offensive line has really been — if we would have gone down last week at center, we would have gone from our second center to our fifth. Because our third and fourth centers were out.”

That cryptic Gary Patterson tweet last week? He explains what it meant | The Star-Telegram

Did Gary know something?

“I didn’t feel very easy about our mind-set going to Iowa State,” Patterson said. “That didn’t mean we didn’t try to win it. But you’ve got to get ready to go. And it’s hard for a team to do that all year. There was going to be one game.”

TCU committed 11 penalties, including a season-high five holding penalties, and did not score a touchdown on offense in a 14-7 loss at Iowa State.

Patterson said he had noticed a lack of attention to detail last week.

“And a lot of it is just, you’re tired,” he said. “You come off a game where everything goes right and then you go into a ballgame — which is not uncommon — where everything goes wrong. We really haven’t had any easy games besides Jackson State this year. It’s a pretty common thing, especially with younger players.”

Texas not focused on redemption after three straight blowouts vs. TCU | Burnt Orange Nation

It’s not about revenge, it’s about getting better.

Does junior defensive end Charles Omenihu, who hails from the Metroplex, want redemption after the two blowout losses he’s suffered against TCU? Not exactly.

“It is not about redemption,” Omenihu said. “It is more about the next opponent and this is a game that we need to win.”

Another junior, left guard Patrick Vahe, simply paid respect to head coach Gary Patterson’s team.

“No guy is average,” Vahe said. “Every guy is player and they're a dude over there. So I give them a lot of credit, but at the same time we've got to do our job.”

What you need to know about TCU's CFP ranking | ESPN

Some interesting info here.

The first College Football Playoff rankings of the 2017 season are out, and TCUdebuts at No. 8. Read on for the Horned Frogs' CFP résumé and their road to the national title and weigh in on how you see their season playing out from here.

5 things 2017’s 1st College Football Playoff rankings got right (and 3 they got wrong) | SB Nation

Should the Frogs be ahead of Penn State? It’s not crazy to think so.

TCU won comfortably at Oklahoma State. Penn State's best win was either a last-second deal at Iowa or a win over Michigan's third-best QB. Going beyond the scoreboard on their losses, and it's clear Penn State got crushed in the trenches, while TCU topped Iowa State on a per-play basis, but missed a lot of potential INTs.

Penn State can improve its claim by beating Michigan State like a top-10 team should.