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MMQB: Frogs leave Tech in a Wreck

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Despite facing all kinds of adversity, the Frogs managed to dominate in Lubbock.

TCU v Texas Tech Photo by John Weast/Getty Images

Well this was a football game. The Frogs came out on top, with stellar defense, and flashes of greatness from their true freshman QB in his first game as a starter. Sit back, relax, grab some coffee, and let’s go through the ups and downs of this one.

The Good:

The Frogs defense, baby! The boys in purple and white didn’t allow a single Red Raider entrance into the end zone. They buckled down and they didn’t give the Tech offense much to work with. The box score is a little misleading, because Tech did have 300+ yards of offense (editor’s note: the Red Raiders got their last 100 yards in the final half of the fourth quarter behind the backups), but outside of maybe the first drive, they didn’t look all that good. Maybe they didn’t show up or maybe the Frog defense balled out. I’d like to think that it’s a nice mix of both.

Speaking of our defense, shout out to our two corners. Ranthony Texada had himself a very good day. I don’t believe he allowed the receiver lining across from him, no matter who it was, more than one catch on the day.

Also, Jeff Gladney made sure that everyone watching knew that he was “The captain now”

He stripped the receiver of the ball in the redzone, and took the rock the other way for six points...well he did drop it at the one yard line, but he recovered it so I’m.....


Glad that he picked up the ball.

Anyways! Let’s talk about our freshman QB getting his first win, in his first start, on the road. Shawn Robinson is the future guys. He’s going be really good, but he needs time to develop. We’ve all just got to put faith and trust in the process. He looked like a true freshman in this one. By that I mean he showed flashes of greatness, but there were also a lot of times where I was just like, “He needs more time”. This is the good section though, so let me heap some praises on our boy from DeSoto.

Robinson rushed for 84 yards on the day, on only 10 carries. He showed how dangerous of a runner he can be. Not only in designed runs, but also when he is forced out of the pocket, he showed that he can make the other team pay for it. Robinson had a nice touchdown throw to Jalen Reagor to pretty much put the game away. Another thing that Robinson showed off is his arm. The kid has a howitzer. He looked like he could throw that ball 60 yards with just a flick of his wrist. He would’ve had another touchdown pass to Reagor, but alas Reagor couldn’t go full “Smooth Criminal” on the reception and had his foot out of bounds.

I feel like I don’t say enough about our defensive line and linebackers. Because I feel like for at least 11 out of 12 games a year, they are incredible. Blacklock was once again a run stuffer. Ty Summers had a nice game as well. He had a crucial sack on Tech’s QB on 3rd down backing them up and making it an easy decision for Kliff to go ahead and punt for once in his life. JK, there were tons of Tech punts in this one (love you Kliff).

It was also good to see that our defense can take losing a couple of starters. It was next man up in this one, and Sammy Douglas and Innis Gaines stepped up. Once again, hats off to the one the only Coach P for coaching up the team this week. It is almost Thanksgiving, so let’s give thanks for the best coach in the conference (and the best one in the country not named Nick Saban or Urban Meyer).

The Bad

Well...this game was pretty hard to watch. It wasn’t very exciting and there weren’t a ton of moments that made you stand up off your couch. Do I care too much, because we got the win anyways? No not really. But alright Frog internet don’t hate me...but Shawn wasn’t great passing. YES OF COURSE, he is a true freshman and I saw way more good than bad from him today, but there were several moments that were head scratching. Now let me be clear, the guy was clearly playing hurt, and he was still giving maximum effort. I’m not questioning his heart or his arm. However, he did not need to chuck it deep as many times as he did.

I think it can really be chalked up to him wanting to go for the home run. Trust me, as a man that loves it when teams go for the throat, I was a fan of it. The first 3 times. I just wanted him to scan the field a bit more. Of course, he’s got a ways to go...but man, when he is able to develop to the point to where he goes through his reads and can cut teams up through the air as well as he can on the ground with his legs...oh boy. I should also mention that his stats would have looked better if there weren’t a couple of drops here and there. If I had to give his performance a grade I’d give him a B+. He showed off his strengths as a runner and got the ‘W’ on the road. Can’t ask much more of him.

Shawn is good. He’s not great just yet, but he will be. Give him an off-season with the rest of the first stringers and I can’t wait to see the improvements that he makes.

Next Week: BayLLLLLLLLLor comes to town.

Muahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahhahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahhahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahhahahahahahhahahahahahhahahahhahahahahahahahahahahahahhahahahahahahaha. Baylor has one win on the season and you know exactly why this is what the world needed. They lost to Iowa State this weekend and now have double digit losses on the season, cue the laughing gif:

Let’s beat the Bears by 50. It’s Blackout on Black Friday. That doesn’t mean get blacked out on Black Friday. It’s an 11am know what if you can get blacked out before kick off that’s just impressive and just commitment.

Anyways, show up and watch the Frogs in their last home game of the season.

Play of the Game:

I touched on this one a bit earlier, but it’s Jeff Gladney’s pick six. It helped keep Tech out of the endzone and it kept TCU’s second half shut out streak going. More importantly, the receiver has to refer to Gladney as either “Dad” or “Sir” from now on.

One more left in the regular season. Let’s make it a win.

-Beat Baylor