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TCU stays at No. 12 in the College Football Playoff rankings

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It’s ridiculous.

TCU v Texas Tech Photo by John Weast/Getty Images

In a ridiculous display of ACC/Big 10 favoritism, TCU remains at No. 12 in the CFP rankings, coming off of a 27-3 win over Kirby Hocutt’s Texas Tech Red Raiders. Here are the full rankings.

Let’s take a closer look.

Alabama at No. 1 makes sense. They’re undefeated, and they’re Bama. Miami moving ahead of Clemson to No. 2 makes sense as well. Say that it’s punishment for Clemson playing The Citadel at this point in the season, or say that it’s a week beyond when Miami should have been No. 2, but either way, it’s the right spot for the U at this point.

Clemson at No. 3 is a joke, though. Oklahoma should hold that spot. Here’s why.

Honestly, at this point, Clemson should be No. 5 at best, and definitely should be behind 11-0 Wisconsin, who comes in at No. 5. Yes, the Badgers’ schedule has been downy soft to this point, but going 11-0 is still tough, and they should get the nod (for now) over every one else for that final playoff spot.

Auburn is propped up by their win over Georgia, who is propped up by their win over Notre Dame, who is propped up by their win over.....USC, who’s propped up by No. 13 Washington State (hahahahahaha). Frankly, it seems like the committee put as much thought into Nos. 6-11 as the folks who came up with those confusing Matthew McConaughey Lincoln commercials.

Let’s look at the two loss teams ahead of TCU:

No. 6 Auburn (9-2)

Ranked Ws: No. 7 Georgia, No. 14 Mississippi State (what)

Losses: No. 3 Clemson, No. 18 LSU (how is this team ranked, let alone ranked 18th?)

No. 8 Notre Dame (9-2)

Ranked Ws: No. 11 USC

Losses: No. 2 Miami, No. 7 Georgia

No. 9 Ohio State (9-2)

Ranked Ws: No. 10 Penn State, No. 16 Michigan State

Losses: No. 4 Oklahoma, 6-5 Iowa

No. 10 Penn State (9-2)

Ranked Ws: None

Losses: No. 9 Ohio State, No. 16 Michigan State

No. 11 USC (10-2)

Ranked Ws: No. 21 Stanford

Losses: No. 8 Notre Dame, No. 13 Washington State

The most obviously frustrating team in this collection is Penn State, who holds no wins over a team currently ranked in the top 25. It’s also frustrating that Ohio State is propped up by a No. 16 Michigan State, when the Spartans fell just five spots in the rankings after getting obliterated by the Buckeyes 48-3.

Personally, I think Central Florida should be around 12 or 13 right now, at the lowest, and USC is only ahead of the Frogs currently because of their 10th win.

I have quite a few more thoughts about this, but I’ll reserve them for a post when I’m not in a rage. Either way, it’s clear at this point that the Big 12 is behind the 8-ball, and TCU specifically is being slighted by the CFP committee.

Thanks for nothing, Kirby. Glad we whipped your team.