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MMQB: The Good, The Bad, & The Baylor Bears

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The Frogs beat the team in Waco by a pretty solid margin

Baylor v TCU Photo by Tom Pennington/Getty Images

In the beginning...

The game was interesting.




Then, TCU pretty much ran away with it and stomped on the Bears. It’s always fun to destroy your rival, but it’s even more sweet when your rival is Baylor.

The Good:

Mat Boesen, ruler of the Baylor (offensive) Line.

The guy recorded a school record 5.5 sacks on the day. No Frog player has ever recorded more in a single game than Boesen had against BayLLLLLLLLLLLor on Black Friday. Whoever it was on the line that was across from Boesen all game is...yikes. In all seriousness it isn’t everyday that you see a school record set, but also you rarely see those performances from a defensive player in CFB where they just decide to take over a game. Boesen was a ton of fun to watch in this one, and let’s hope that he keeps the heat turned up to 11 next week.

The Jarrison Stewart Reawakening tour

After a solid outing as a true freshman in 2015, Jarrison Stewart more or less disappeared last year. It was super unfortunate because one of the FOW staff writers (me) picked him to lead the team in receiving yards that year. Fortunately, just when I thought I had sold off the last of my stock on Stewart island, the speakers in Amon G Carter started playing, “Carry on my (Jarri)Son” and it appeared that he rediscovered the power inside of him. Number 14 hauled in 6 catches for 72 yards and a touchdown, in addition to leading the team in receiving. If you heard some dude yelling “JARRISON” throughout the stadium, it was probably me.


Guys...GUYS!!! Ty Summers made a great play while in pass coverage. Seeing Ty intercept Charlie Brewer on Baylor’s first drive of the second half was a thing of beauty. It was like in Return of the King, when things look bleak and then you see the Eagles coming in from the distance and you’re just left in awe of the beautiful sight that you are beholding. Look, Ty is awesome up front, but there has been a lot to be desired when it came to his play in pass coverage...but man he almost picked off another throw later in the game. It was truly a beautiful and rather cathartic day for Summers.

Montrel Wilson Giving Maximum Effort

So if you didn’t know by now, there was a “scuffle” that occurred between the two teams, and both benches/sidelines were cleared. I’m not going to lie to ya’ll, it was pretty awesome. I’m not promoting violence or saying players should fight more...but it was just the right amount of chipiness that the fans of the home team needed to really get back in the game. It was amazing that it happened right in front of the student section, and as it was happening the whole student section started chanting “Baylor Sucks” because in case you didn’t know, Baylor sucks.

Montrel Wilson gets a special shout out in this section because he sprinted from the opposite end of the bench to the other side across the field, with helmet in hand! He may have been the farthest from the brawl, but he wasn’t the last one from the TCU sideline to get there, that’s for sure. Just felt like giving a shout out to the guy for giving as much effort as possible. Goodness, I love beating 1-11 Baylor.

Kenny Hill’s Senior Day Performance

*Lights Marlboro and inhales deeply*

Oh baby. Kenny done did good.

For those of you that know me, or have been reading my stuff on FOW for a while now, you all know that it was very important to me that Kenny have a good game on senior day, his last game at Amon G. Carter, and his last regular season game as a Frog.

Hill finished the day going 26-36 for 325 yards with 3 touchdowns, and he recorded another tuddy with his feet. Early on it seemed that Kenny was aiming for his receivers cleats because he was hitting a lot of them low. There was a throw that Kenny threw off balance to Reagor for a touchdown, but got called back because it hit the ground before Jalen could haul it in. But that being said:


As the game went on Kenny got better and found his rhythm and appeared more comfortable in the pocket. When Hill scored his rushing touchdown and threw up the Go heart just about melted. It was then that I was just like, “Man Kenny looks really happy to be a Frog” and that’s not something I could say in 2016. I’m happy for the guy and his family. Glad he got a second chance. Fight me internet if you want.

Also, Sewo scored a touchdown while not being in the wildcat!

This was awesome. Olonilua broke off a 32 yard touchdown run. A lot of us have been waiting to see what this guy can do when given the chance to run from a standard formation. He didn’t disappoint. You know it’s truly shocking what happens when you don’t make what play you are about to run super obvious. The offensive line gave number 33 room to run, and since there weren’t 8 men in the box, he was able to break off a 32 yard run for a touchdown. I’d like to see us give Sewo more touches next week against Oklahoma.

The Bad

Baylor. The Bears are bad.

The only thing that was really bad for me in this game, was the first four minutes. Baylor got a safety on the second play of the game and then scored a touchdown where one player blew by several defenders. This one felt a lot like the SMU game from earlier in the year. The other team is bringing their best against us and we started off a bit sluggish. It’ll be good to be the underdog next week, so that we don’t snooze at first.

Other than that...I don’t have much to criticize. It’s hard for me to pick things apart in a 20+ point win against Baylor.

Next Week: Frogs to the Big 12 Championship

We got a rematch in Arlington folks. It’s a chance at revenge, and a chance to ironically play spoiler for the Big 12 to make the playoffs (barring true chaos). Oklahoma will probably be ranked #2 in the nation, so you know there will be a lot of Crimson & Creme in Jerryworld on Saturday. However, let’s at least show up and make some noise for our boys. It’s probably going to be 60/40 in OU’s favor, due to the size of the bandwagon alone, but let’s show up and be rowdy anyways! If we win this one, the Frogs will have secured their second Big 12 title in 4 seasons.

Play of the Game:

This is a tough one, because this week we played Baylor and that means that every good play should be the play of the week. So for this one...I’m going to choose the fumble that the defense caused with 11 minutes left in the first quarter. This play shifted the momentum back into our favor and allowed us to get back in the saddle and pretty much dominate the game from there on out. After that fumble recovery, TCU would go on a 45-13 run against the Bears.

Oh and one more time with feeling.....