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TCU Behind Four 2-Loss Teams, Sits at #11 In CFB Playoff Rankings

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The Frogs are all but out of the playoff conversation.

NCAA Football: Texas Tech at Texas John Gutierrez-USA TODAY Sports

In what has to be disappointing news to Frogs fans, TCU came in eleventh in the penultimate playoff rankings Tuesday evening, behind four other two loss teams. The Frogs sit outside of the top ten, and it seems any playoff pipe dreams are all but crushed by the most recent release.

Clemson, unsurprisingly, came in at #1 after a chaotic weekend that saw the previous top two teams, Alabama and Miami, lose in somewhat stunning fashion. But that’s where the expectations ended. At #2 is two-loss Auburn, who won convincingly over Alabama, but is laughably above an Oklahoma team with a single road loss against a good Iowa State team, and undefeated Wisconsin who rounds out the top four. Alabama sits dangerously at fifth, just waiting for a loss by the Badgers or Sooners, and Georgia rounds out the top six, likely in a win and you’re in situation ahead of the SEC Championship. Miami falls to seventh while Ohio State, coming off of a win against an offensively dreadful Michigan team climbs to eight, with Penn State and USC rounding out the top ten. The only other Big 12 team to make the top 25 is Oklahoma State at 19.

The biggest travesty of the night, though, belongs to UCF, who sits at 14 despite being undefeated. But if you want to know what you should be most afraid of, it’s Notre Dame sitting just behind the Frogs at 15 despite being pummeled by #12 Stanford, just ready to leap frog over a three loss TCU squad, should they fall Saturday, and keep them out of the NY6.

Ultimately, once again, the committee set their standards based on what best sells their narrative, and proved that the rules are only the rules until they need them to be something different. Now, the Frogs have to beat Oklahoma to keep the dream of a Big Six Bowl alive.

You can see the rankings in their entirety below: