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Eat ‘em Up: TCU 24, Texas 7

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The Frogs swallowed up the Texas offense while doing just enough on their own to make sure this one was never in doubt.

Texas v TCU
This was almost enough to beat Texas on its own.
Photo by Richard W. Rodriguez/Getty Images

The Frogs scored on their opening possession, settled for a field goal from the 1 on their second, and from there it was all academic. TCU didn’t commit a turnover, held Texas to just 7 yards of total rushing (sacks included), got seven sacks and simply suffocated a young Texas offense. Kenny Hill did what he needed to do, making a few key throws and picking up some very key third down conversions with his legs to make sure the lead stood, and the running game took care of the rest. A very impressive game on the ground for the Frogs, particularly from Darius Anderson let the Frogs simply milk clock, trade field position and feel confident that the defense wouldn’t let Texas do anything; and in the second half, the Horns indeed did nothing.

Key takeaways from this one? TCU beat Texas for the fourth time in a row, tying the longest streak of wins for the frogs in the series with the 1935-1938 frogs (two national championship winners). With the chaos in the Big Ten, next week’s game against Oklahoma will likely propel the winner into the top 4 and put them in firm control of their own destiny for a playoff shot. This was a fun one, now it’s time to hit the road for an absolutely huge one.

Go Frogs.