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Frog Army Hoops Scrimmage Kicks Off Game Week

TCU got big time performances from big time players in Friday’s open scrimmage and skills competition.

Austin Sottile is dog-piled after making a half court shot worth $1,000 for a lucky student.

It was a fun-filled Friday night for TCU Basketball, as Jamie Dixon and crew welcomed students and fans into the Scholly for an open scrimmage, three point contest, and dunk competition, topped off with a half-court shot that won a current student $1,000 straight out of the coach’s checking account.

The evening tipped off with an intra-squad scrimmage, as Purple and White battled for two 12 minute halves. Purple, led by Kouat Noi’s 19, RJ Nembhard’s 13, and Vladimir Brodziansky’s 11 points, defeated White by a score of 60-44, despite a big game from Kenrich Williams (17/5/2). Noi looked the part of the budding superstar, as he went 7-9 from the field and 4-5 from deep. His hot-shooting rubbed off on his teammates, as the six man unit shot over 74% from the field including a 9-13 night from three point range. Also of note was the return of Jaylen Fisher from injury, who participated in the scrimmage, playing the entire 24 minutes and going 3-8 from the field with four assists. Fisher has missed most of the preseason due to a knee injury suffered prior to the Australia trip, but is expected to play in Friday’s season opener.

Following the scrimmage was a three point competition, where Kenny Hustle took the title over Dalton Dry, Shawn Olden, Vlad, and Jaylen Fisher with a 26 point tally. Dry and Olden each drained 22, while Fish and Vlad had 18 a piece.

A dunk competition capped the skills portion of the evening, and was filled with rim-rocking slams and some creative costumes. Won by Desmond Bane, who donned a creepy white mask for one entrant, and slammed the door on freshman RJ Nembhard with an ally-oop from the stands, it featured Robinson, JD Miller, and others.

The highlight of the night was the final event, though, where three players had the opportunity to select three basketball player reps to try and drain a half-court shot, with one thousand dollars on the line. After the first two shots fell short, Austin Sottile was selected by student Jack Spooner, and the senior nailed it to make Spooner - who was written a check then and there by Dixon - a very happy man.

The Horned Frogs open of the regular season on Friday, Nov. 10 against ULM at 8 p.m. in Schollaier Arena. This is the start of something special in Fort Worth, and we ALL need to be there. Just listen to Kansas coach Bill Self:

“It certainly appears to everybody in our league that Jamie and his staff have maximized their brief time there, to put together a product that certainly their team has a chance to win our league this year. They’re good. They were really good last year and how they finished winning the NIT obviously gives them unbelievable momentum going forward and you return all five starts and you recruit guys that are probably good enough to start.”