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Frogs O’ War Pod Mailbag: GET DEM QUESTIONS IN


Saturday Mailbag

Hey there, good, faithful Frogs O’ War reader. How are you on this fine humpday?

Good? Great!

Just popping in to see if you’d like to ask Melissa and Jamie a few questions for the podcast tonight. It’s recording at 8pm at University Pub.

Leave a question in the comments below, and we’ll get them answered live at University Pub at 8pm.

Did we mention you can come hang out? University Pub. 8pm. It’s a good time.

Wednesday nights are Pint Night at University Pub, too. So, come have a pint and listen to the podcast.

And if you ask us a question below in the comments, and then you come listen to the podcast at the Pub, you’ll hear us answer your question right in front of you. And you can boo us when we do a terrible job.

Ok, well, that’s pretty much it for this post.


P.S. See you at the Pub.