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Big 12 Championship: TCU vs OU Game Thread

The Frogs head east to Arlington for a shot at redemption and revenge on Baker Mayfield and the Oklahoma Sooners, as well as a chance to claim their second ever Big 12 championship.

Arlington.  We're coming.
Arlington. We're coming.
Jerome Miron-USA TODAY Sports

It's the return of the Big 12 championship game, a joyous occasion where TCU will have the chance to win a second Big 12 championship since joining the league in 2012. Unlike when TCU played OU the first time, however, there will be several large factions around the country rooting hard against the Frogs when we take the field in Arlington.

The state of Texas (outside of Fort Worth) doesn't want TCU to win this game. From our envious little brother university down I-30 to the big wigs in Austin, from the dusty plains of Lubbock to the collie worshipping cultists in College Station, there is a whole lot of hatred for Oklahoma both as a state and as a university. That is well established and in most cases the state would happily unite against any force arrayed against the Sooners. Except that a two time Big 12 champion TCU is pretty darn scary to the state. No one wants to recruit against the only current coaching staff in Texas to win a P5 conference title, and even with their sparkly new coach, Texas A&M does not want to hear that TCU won more Big 12 titles in six years than they managed in sixteen. They may hate Oklahoma, but the state is used to the Sooners dominating things on the good side of the Red River- being ruled by the Frogs is a fresh hell they'd rather avoid.

The Big 12 doesn't want TCU to win this game. After being left out of the playoff last year, the embattled conference is hoping for not only a playoff spot, but a real national championship contender, led by the likely Heisman Trophy winner at quarterback. Sadly, thanks to the timing of their two losses, the Frogs chances of making the making the playoff are almost entirely hypothetical (barring some unbelievable blowout of the favored Sooners). It's better for the Big 12 if OU wins.

The vast majority of college football fans don't want TCU to win this game. If 99% of college football fans can agree on one thing, it's that they're pretty darn tired of the whole Nick Saban/Alabama thing. The evil empire dropped down to just #5 after their emphatic loss to Auburn, and an upset in either the Big 12 or Big 10 title game will result in a two loss champion for the conference- and a playoff spot for Alabama. For Alabama not to make the playoff, Wisconsin and OU both need to come out on top, so that's what the country is hoping for.

Should any of this matter to you, or the TCU team as they take the field today? Not even a tiny fraction of a bit. Coach Patterson is going to lead this Frog team onto the field in search of a championship, and though we may have a nation rooting against us, we will fight the Sooners until hell freezes over and then fight them on the ice. The eyes of the nation are upon us, so let's give them a hell of a show.

This is your game thread for live chat, analysis and reaction through the Big 12 title game. Gird up and let's have some fun one more time before bowl season!

Go Frogs!