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5 Takeaways: TCU gets steamrolled in Big 12 Championship

The Frogs got rolled, and now its on to the Alamo Bowl.

Big 12 Championship - Oklahoma v TCU Photo by Ron Jenkins/Getty Images

TCU played some bad football today against Oklahoma in the Big 12 Championship, losing 41-17. The Frogs were shut out in every quarter except the second, and were generally outmatched the entire game. Here are your takeaways.

1. Oklahoma's offensive line is amazing

Zero pressure. The Frogs couldn't get to Baker if they sent everyone. Talk about holding penalties all you want, the D-line and linebackers couldn't get pressure at all. Oklahoma did pretty much whatever they wanted to on offense, and it started with the line. They were just better than TCU today.

2. TCU looked slow on defense

How many times was a Sooner behind TCU's secondary? It seemed like most of the time. When you couple good receivers with a great offensive line, and you have crazy speed like OU, it's going to be a tough time for the opposing team. Jeff Gladney and Ridwan Issahaku couldn't keep up today, and the Frogs were on the wrong end of a beating because of it.

3. Offensively, TCU was a disaster

Let's start here: Kenny Hill actually played a decent game. But, the offensive line was a disaster, and the running game couldn't get anything going. Kyle Hicks' fumble on TCU's first offensive play was an absolute killer, and although TCU came back (almost) all the way after falling down 17-0, the offense didn't do nearly enough in this game.

4. You can't rely on penalties

Sure, TCU's defensive linemen were held a bit along the line, but you can't hope that you're going to get a call. TCU was out of it almost immediately in the second half, and that's not very conducive to getting calls.

5. Offensive playcalling was abysmal

It was bad. No other word for it, really, but if this is what we can expect from