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Frogs O’ War Pod Mailbag: We’re Taking Calls Tonight!

Get your questions in, or call in using a phone.

Saturday Mailbag

Hey everyone, we’re back again for another week of the Frogs O’ War Podcast. We wanted to be able to take your calls tonight, after an eventful first day of the early signing period, so we’ll be live on Blog Talk Radio tonight at 8pm.

You can call in with your questions here: (657) 383-1932.

Or, you can still leave us a question in the comments, and we’ll answer it on the show.

We’ll also be addressing the heinous podcast awards from Ray Cartwright, as seen below.

We should have at least won the award for Best TCU Podcast at University Pub.

So, get your questions in, or call in, but either way, you’ll be able to listen live, tonight at 8pm, via Blog Talk Radio. You can listen via the player below, or go straight to the show’s page.