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TCU News: Frogs, Cardinal both bringing frustrations to Alamo Bowl

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Frogs in San Antonio |

Keep up with everything the team is doing down in San Antonio!

TCU, Stanford bring frustrations to Alamo Bowl | FOX Sports

Both teams were left out of a NY6 bowl despite making their conference championships, but Gary Patterson is spinning the Alamo Bowl berth in a positive way for TCU.

“We’re excited,” Patterson said. “There’s no bad bowl game. So for us, a chance to stay in the state of Texas, come down to San Antonio, be a part of the Valero Alamo Bowl, it’s awesome. You couldn’t ask for any more.”

Linebacker Ty Summers proving to be quite the catch for TCU | Houston Chronicle

Ty Summers has been a staple of TCU’s defense the last several seasons. This is a really cool article about the LB, who gets to play in front of a hometown crowd in San Antonio.

Perhaps it is his powerful physique and favorable facial features, which include a wide smile, chiseled jaw line and dirty blond hair that often is neatly trimmed. Maybe it has more to do with his intelligence and ambition, or it could be his kindness, selflessness and toughness.

Whatever it is, there is something about Ty Summers that endears him to his football coaches. So much so that they do not just want him to play for their teams. They also see him as a potential family member.

Men’s Basketball

Top-10 moment: TCU basketball hits highest rank ever in AP Top 25 | Fort Worth Star Telegram

TCU is ranked 10th in this week’s AP Poll, setting a new best rank in program history. Of course, if you ask coach Dixon, he’d probably tell you that a top ranking is more of an obstacle than anything else. Now, teams are going to want to knock the Frogs down out of the top 10. Of course, there’s another extra reason teams want to beat TCU right now as well.

The Frogs are one of three remaining undefeated teams in the country, alongside No. 1 Villanova and No. 3 Arizona State.