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TCU News: Alamo Bowl Gameday

Here are your mid-morning links!


333 tackles: How TCU’s record-setting linebacker endures a violent game | Star Telegram

Travin Howard has become a machine at the linebacker spot for TCU over the last 3 years.

“It’s ridiculous,” linebacker Ty Summers said. “You think of what it feels like to go and hit someone one time, the effect it has on your body. To do that 333 times, with violence? It shows how tough he is, how athletic he is, just consistent.”

Stanford and TCU football programs have traveled similar paths since last meeting | Rule of Tree

The similarity in TCU and Stanford’s paths goes back much further than just the 2017 season.

There are many similarities between TCU and Stanford. Both programs have a long distant past of success that has been marginalized by decades of mediocrity. Both teams rose from the ashes in the 2000’s to become darlings of the college football world. Both schools even play a similar brand of football and have carefully cultivated a work ethic that facilitates continued success. This ethos allows both programs to thrive, despite being smaller private institutions, in the face of larger, more entrenched powerhouses.

TCU prediction: Can the Frogs slow down Stanford's Bryce Love en route to Alamo Bowl glory? | SportsDay Dallas News

A solid, concise preview of tonight’s game, although I do take slight issue with the notion that Darius Anderson is, “by far TCU's most explosive weapon...”

...And while this was the first time in history a Patterson team failed to capture a conference title following a sub .500 year, TCU still has a bowl streak to continue. Yes, the Frogs have never lost a bowl following a below .500 season either.

TCU’s Alamo Bowl comeback was one of the greatest games ever | SBNation

That win probability graph from 2015 is insane, I don’t know how I hadn’t seen that before.

But if you’re a TCU fan — or just a college football fan — you can take heart in the Frogs being back at the Alamodome. Because the last time they were there for this bowl game, TCU was involved in one of the best bowls ever. Let’s head down memory lane.