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TCU News: Frogs ‘Solidly in the Mix’

Jamie Dixon’s team finds itself on the right side of the bubble with a big week ahead.

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TCU remains solidly in NCAA mix despite Baylor loss | The Star-Telegram

The Baylor loss doesn’t help the Frogs, but it doesn’t really hurt them, either. But they’ll need to bounce back tomorrow night against the Pokes to remain on the right side of the projections.

“The thing about us is, every game is going to be against an NCAA-caliber team that’s really in the same position,” Dixon said before Monday’s practice. “Either they’re trying to get a higher seed or they’re trying to get a bid. That’s part of being in this conference. I would say eight of the 10 are looking at getting into the NCAA Tournament in some way.”

Horned Frogs paid the price for poking the Bears | The Star-Telegram

TCU isn’t sneaking up on anyone anymore.

“They’re good,” Dixon said after Baylor had flattened the Frogs 70-52. “And they played good and we didn’t.

“We got what we deserved.”

As with many good coaches, Dixon tends to look first in his own locker room mirror when examining what went wrong after a loss. His initial distress Saturday, therefore, was predictable.