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#MashForMicah is now a thing, so let’s all join in

One Frog fan is doing something we should all consider doing.

Melissa Triebwasser

Sometimes, all it takes is a tweet to get things going. That’s exactly how this got started.

TCU fan @Ace_Gagnon (who posts here quite frequently under a different name), committed to donating $10 to the Micah Ahern TCU Baseball Scholarship for every home run the Frogs hit this season. For context, the Frogs hit 55 home runs last season, which would bring Ace’s total to $550.

It’d be really cool if we could get a ton of other folks to take what we’re calling #MashForMicah (s/o to Melissa for coming up with that).

A few other folks have already joined in:

And I’m in for $2 per dinger as well.

So, if you’re game to give some dollars in memory of the awesome Micah Ahern, join in! Let us know down below if you’re game, and be sure to tweet out about #MashForMicah. Let’s get the contributions through the roof, because as Ace puts it...