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TCU Bubble Watch Rooting Guide and Open Thread: February 25-26th

Make sure to pull for these teams today to help boost the Frogs’ chances of getting into the NCAA Tournament.

NCAA Basketball: Texas at Texas Christian Ray Carlin-USA TODAY Sports

In a year with a surprisingly soft bubble, TCU still remains in the hunt for an NCAA bid, and an NIT bid if not that. The Frogs will be looking to get continued help from teams that they have beaten in order to help boost TCU’s RPI ranking and resume. However, bubble position is all relative so it will also help the Frogs if other teams near the bubble falter. Therefore, here are some games to pay attention to over the course of this weekend. The teams in Bold are the ones that TCU fans should be pulling for and updates will be provided as the weekend progresses.

Saturday, February 25th (all times CST)

#19 Florida State 76, Clemson 74

#8 North Carolina 85, Pittsburgh 67

#17 SMU 69, Connecticut 61

South Carolina 82, Tennessee 55

Furman 78, Wofford 69

Illinois State 63, Northern Iowa 42

Bradley 82, Drake 74

Seton Hall 82, DePaul 79

Vanderbilt 77, Mississippi State 48

Michigan 82, #14 Purdue 70

Iowa State 72, Baylor 69

Jacksonville State 70, Morehead State 61

#3 Kansas 77, Texas 67

Nevada 94, UNLV 58

Texas Southern 86, Alabama State 73

Indiana 63, Northwestern 62

Georgia Southern 72, Arkansas State 60

Arkansas 79, Auburn 68


Well, Saturday’s games are in the books and after a hot start to the day, teams that TCU fans were rooting for ended up going 9-9. Obviously, losing at home to West Virginia hurt the Frogs the most today and should hurt their RPI, but teams they were rooting for to boost their own resume went 6-5, including a big win by Iowa State.

Teams on the bubble that TCU fans were rooting against ended up going 5-3 on the day, which has moved the Frogs into the “First Four Out” category, according to ESPN Bracketologist Joe Lunardi. The Frogs will still have a chance to earn their way in over the next couple weeks, but let’s still hope tomorrow’s bubble games have a more positive impact for TCU.

Sunday, February 26th (all times CST)

#7 Louisville 88, Syracuse 68

Michigan State 84, #16 Wisconsin 74

#21 Notre Dame 64, Georgia Tech 60

Arizona State 83, USC 82

Washington State 79, Washington 71


Overall, a positive day for the Horned Frogs as three other bubble teams fell. Unfortunately, Washington continued to struggle and couldn’t come away with a win to help boost TCU’s resume. However, the losses by Syracuse, Georgia Tech, and USC helped keep the Frogs on par with the bubble.