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TCU News: Frogs ‘on the come-up’

TCU’s coach, and players, see a lot of value in playing deep into March, regardless of the name of the tournament.


TCU’s Brodziansky honored by NABC coaches | The Star-Telegram

The big guy was THE guy against Richmond, dominating on both ends of the floor in helping the Frogs’ to their win over Richmond.

The squad, selected annually by the National Association of Basketball Coaches, is comprised of players who compete for Big 12 schools. Brodziansky, a junior from Prievidza, Slovakia, has averaged a team-high 13.8 points, 5.6 rebounds and 2.2 blocks per game for the Horned Frogs (22-15) on their journey to next week’s NIT semifinals in Madison Square Garden. His 80 blocked shots are the second-most in any season in school history.

Consolation prize? TCU sees plenty to celebrate in successful NIT run | Sports Day

Not Invited Tournament? Don’t tell the Frogs - or their fans - that this accomplishment doesn’t matter.

After the game, with Frank Sinatra's "New York, New York," blaring through Schollmaier, Parrish and the Horned Frogs relished an arena cheering long after the final buzzer.

When asked about the changes between Tuesday's atmosphere and one from a few years ago, he laughed before foreshadowing the future of a team looking to make the most of its NIT run.

"It's almost like night and day," Parrish said of TCU's home atmosphere. "It was like that, but for the other team's fans. The tables have turned. TCU is on the come-up."

TCU’s Dixon: NIT celebration ranks among his top coaching moments | The Star-Telegram

It was a special scene post-game, Tuesday night, as Coach Dixon and each of the four seniors took a moment to address the crowd, most of whom had stayed to listen. Though their careers are coming to an end, the foundation they built will be just the beginning of the new era of TCU Basketball.

“They’ve been though it a lot. But they love TCU,” Dixon said. “A few years from now, when we win a Big 12 championship and we win a national championship – that’s our goal – those four guys will be the foundation. Those will be the guys they point to because you had to turn it. You had to start somewhere and they started it. I just happened to have four guys that cared more about the score than themselves. That’s what TCU is about ... They laid a foundation and the young guys learned from their sacrifices.”

Williams’ triple-double actually second one in TCU history | The Star-Telegram

A little accounting to be done here.

School officials, who thought Williams’ feat was unprecedented in TCU history, confirmed it from a box score from the team’s 85-80 loss to Texas A&M on Feb. 25, 1995 in College Station. Thomas had 23 points, 14 rebounds and 11 blocked shots in that game. Williams got his triple-double against Richmond with the more typical combination of points (11), rebounds (14) and assists (10).


Aaron Moffitt: Visiting other colleges was like ‘cheating on LSU’ | SEC Country

Though he didn’t choose TCU, this is a pretty interesting look behind the scenes of a Frog recruit. And what he has to say about the school that nearly stole him away is very positive.

“The stuff they said, I didn’t hear that from anybody else,” Moffitt said. “I’d start my freshman year. I’d play special teams. They flew in [head coach Gary Patterson]. He came in and stayed the whole day. The D-Line coach waited for me… in my driveway [until] 9:30 waiting on me. Him and [defensive coordinator Chad] Glasgow stayed with me until 11:30 just talking. Not even about football. TCU was the second place that felt like home to me.”