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TCU MBB: Frogs vs. Sooners Gamethread

TCU takes on Oklahoma in the First Round of the Big 12 Tournament.

Ray Carlin-USA TODAY Sports

The Big 12 Tournament opens tonight with the #8 seed Horned Frogs taking on the #9 seed Sooners. TCU will be looking to go on a run in Kansas City in order to increase their chances of getting into the NIT. For more on tonight's matchup, you can check out the preview here. Here are three things to keep an eye on in tonight's game.

1 - Shutting Down McGusty

Kameron McGusty has been on an absolute tear for the Sooners in the second half of the season. He started the season on the bench, which is why he is only averaging 10.9 points per game. However, in his final 18 games of the season, he has scored in double-digits 17 times and has broken 20 points four times. The only time he didn’t score in double-digits was the Sooners’ 81-51 victory over Kansas State. Expect Oklahoma to try and run their offense through him in order to get him going.

2 - Who Steps Up on Offense?

During this seven-game skid, TCU hasn’t been getting blown out by opponents, but they have been hindered by extended droughts late in games that keep the Frogs from staying with other teams. During these droughts, it feels like TCU can’t find any baskets. The Frogs will need someone to step up during these stretches and attack the basket. The most likely candidate is Robinson, who has shown a great ability to finish at the rim. However, if no one person can get it going, then the team as a whole must move the ball around and be patient instead of settling for poor shots.

3 - Free Throw Shooting

In both matchups this season, there has been a major difference between the two teams at the line. When TCU won the matchup in Fort Worth, they shot 72.2% from the line whereas Oklahoma only shot 54.5%. When the Sooners won this past Saturday, they shot 77.3% from the line while the Frogs only shot 44.4%. Free throw shooting becomes even more crucial in the crazy month of March, so whoever wins the battle at the line will likely be putting themselves in a very good position to win.

So, come watch and chat about the game with us and hopefully TCU can come away with a victory.