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ICYMI: Catch up on the tweets about the Frogs from the past week

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Check out what’s been happening in Funky Town!

Your time is precious so here's what happened in the TCU Athletics Twitter-sphere from April 11th - April 18th.

Tuesday April 11th:

Wednesday April 12th:

Thursday April 13th:

Friday April 14th:

Saturday April 15th:

Sunday April 16th:

Monday April 17th:

Tuesday April 18th:

And there you have it! It was a busy week for the Horned Frogs! With a few slumps in the week from Baseball and the end of the Equestrian season. But the week ended on a high note with the All Athlete Banquet, highlighting the accomplishments from this year. What was your favorite event from the past week? Tell us in the comments or tweet us @FrogsOWar!