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TCU News: Spring game will feature fun on and off the field

The basketball team will be special guests in the Carter Saturday am, and making an appearance at Lupton later that day.

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TCU fans’ guide to the 2017 football Spring Game on Saturday | The Star-Telegram

The spring game will feature ‘football’ on the field, while the basketball team will be signing autographs and taking pictures with fans off of it. Later, Shep will be one of four seniors throwing out the first pitch at the baseball game, where I’ll be disappointed if he doesn’t throw heat from the mound.

Head coach Gary Patterson and players will sign autographs on the field after the scrimmage. Copies of the 2017 team football poster will be available. Fans can also take photos with the NIT championship trophy. The men’s basketball team will sign autographs from 11 a.m. to noon. Basketball seniors Brandon Parrish, Karviar Shepherd, Chris Washburn and Michael Williams will throw out the first pitch at the TCU baseball game later.


DISD twins will be side by side at TCU, thanks to $520,000 in scholarships | Dallas News

While we love celebrating athletics, this is the time of year when high school seniors are chasing their purple colored dreams, and this is a pretty cool story about a pair of twins that will be in Fort Worth together come fall.

The twins’ mother, Trina Conley, said initially she didn’t dream of both of her daughters winning scholarships. After all, getting over a half-million dollars in scholarships is hard to envision.

“But as they started down this road, I really started believing it could happen,” Conley said. “They worked so hard, and they always give it 100 [percent]. I’m just so proud right now. I’m so filled.”

40 North Texas-area students earn full rides to TCU | Fox4News

TCU is making a concerted effort to get deserving kids to campus that couldn’t otherwise afford it. It’s a pretty amazing program.

Carter HS was one of 11 area schools to partner with TCU's Community Scholarship Program. In all, 40 deserving North Texas seniors received the awards.

"We had over 80 students come to TCU's campus and interview over 2 full days of interviews, we had to make some tough decisions,” said TCU official Timeka Gordon.

Rickey said he’s happy to attend the Fort Worth school and wants to pursue a degree in broadcast journalism. But when it came to who was more excited -- it seemed his mom has got him beat.