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Got a Question? Leave it for the Mailbag

The old Friday Mailbag is returning, but first we need your questions.

US Postal Service Tests Segway Photo by Justin Sullivan/Getty Images

Hello, kind reader. It’s nice to see you today.

I know you have questions. So, so many questions. And I’d like to help you get some answers. So, let’s have a chat. Here’s how it’ll work.

You leave all your questions below in the comments, and tomorrow you’ll find a post full of answers. Answers you knew, or maybe didn’t know, about the questions you asked. Answers that bring a fresh perspective and new meaning to your life.

So give me your questions.

Your questions could be about anything related to TCU. Or anything not related to TCU, such as:

  • Fantasy Baseball
  • Fantasy Football
  • Sports
  • NBA Playoffs
  • Birds
  • Food
  • Books (lol don’t ask me about books)
  • Science (lol don’t ask me about science either)
  • My recent mastery of the Rubik’s Cube
  • Stuff
  • Things
  • and More

So, ask away. You’ll get a fresh post tomorrow with all the answers you seek.