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Frogs O’ War Friday Mailbag: Beakless Sean Connery Edition

Your questions: answered.

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Saturday Mailbag

It’s been a while since we’ve done one of these, but now that the mailbag is back, let’s jump in.

Have you seen what a chicken looks like without a beak?

Not a chicken, exactly, but I have seen a beakless bird before. Here’s a cool thing, though: 3D printers are giving beakless birds a second lease on life. Like this penguin. Or this eagle.

Also, if this was a joke, I totally missed it.

Are Trevone’s days numbered in Seattle? How do his recent infractions affect his future?

I hope they aren’t, but with his recent transgressions it’s hard not to see Seattle at least looking at other options. They signed WVU QB Skyler Howard to a UDFA contract, and invited Tennessee State QB Ronald Butler in for a tryout.

Hopefully Boykin gets a chance to redeem himself, and hopefully he starts taking an Uber home at the end of the night.

What’s the best restaurant you’ve ever dined at?

Bob’s Steak and Chophouse. Hands down. Don’t @ me.

What baseball game that TCU lost this season should they have won and what baseball game did they win that they should have lost?

Texas A&M is the game they should have lost, for sure. No one comes back from five runs down in the bottom of the ninth, but there you go. It makes me happy that it happened the way it did against the team it did, but 99 times out of 100, Texas A&M closes that game out.

As for the game we lost that should have been a W, give me game 2 of the Tech series. Rain prevented TCU from having to face Steven Gingery for more than three innings, but the bullpen frittered a lead away. Win that game, and there’s a whole different feel to the Big 12 conference right now. Instead of being up two games and having to keep an eye on what’s happening behind them, TCU could be free and easy going into this final Big 12 weekend.

Was Roger Moore your favorite James Bond (the first more that came to mind)?

Give me Sean Connery or give me death.

What is the story behind the bow and arrow when the guys get a double? I love it!

I’m not sure what the origin of it is for TCU specifically, but the bow and arrow is a pretty common celebration these days.

Is Austen Wade ok?

Schlossnagle said last Sunday that he’ll be fine. It was a bad bruise, but Wade is expected to play this weekend, barring any kind of setback.

Who is our next Evan Skoug, whether he leaves now or later? Does he have the ability like Craig Biggio to convert from C to 2B out of college to prolong his MLB career?

I was hoping for my namesake, Zack Plunkett, to get the call, but he transferred to Arkansas after last season. I don’t know if Zach Humphreys is it, but the kid sure as hell raked in high school. If he can translate that bat to college full time, he’s going to be great.

As for Skoug converting to 2B, I’m not sure. He’s a great athlete, and he’s quick behind the plate, but it’s a hard thing to ask someone to switch positions and move to a higher level of competition and expect them to succeed. I mean, Biggio is in the Hall, so hesitate to compare any college kid to him.

How does a university like TCU learn of a baseball phenom in Canberra, Australia? Follow up: Are there any more phenoms Down Under like Cam Watson?

Well, they didn’t have to go all the way to Australia to find him. He was playing JUCO ball at Hill Junior College in Hillsboro, just 50 minutes south of Fort Worth. I appreciate the question, though, because it gives me a chance to bestow much deserved laudings upon TCU’s assistant coaches. Bill Mosiello and Kirk Saarloos are both top 10 assistants in the country, when it comes to coaching and recruiting.

They have, along with Schloss, put together some seriously amazing recruiting classes over the past several years, and it’s one of the major reasons TCU has been able to find sustained success.

What is the average air speed velocity of a laden swallow?

24 miles per hour, or 11 meters per second, duh.

Any updates FG kicker news?

They’re still searching for more legs. A JUCO kid named Nino Alibegic made a visit this week. If he comes on board, he’ll be in the mix with Michigan transfer Andrew David, Jonathan Song, Brandon Hatfield, and Ryan Graf.

Over/under on Hill interceptions this year?

I’ll set it at 13.5, and take the under.

Is the north/east parking garage worth the money for 6-7 home games?

I really have no earthly idea. I’m just bitter that all these garages are popping up on campus now that I’ve been gone for several years.

Will we have a worthy Doctson replacement step up this year?

It’s hard to say whether or not we’re going to have another wide receiver garner first round draft whispers this season. I’m really not sure. The guys with the best shot are Taj Williams and John Diarse.

However, I’m ready for Jalen Reagor to be in pads, like, now. This kid is an absolute freak athlete. He’s fast, he’s got insane hops, and he has fantastic hands. He’s going to come in and add another dimension to this offense right away.

Who's your favorite Frogs O War staffer?

Trick question, all of them (us).

Who said this:

If we be conquer’d, let men conquer us, and not these bastard Bears; whom our fathers have in their own land beaten, bobb’d, and thump’d, and in record, left them the heirs of shame. Shall these enjoy our lands? lie with our wives? Ravish our daughters?

That would be King Richard, from Richard III, or, if you’re wanting the person who wrote it, Willie Shakespeare.