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TCU News: Reagor and Snell looking to make history, GP quotables

Also, meet a 14 year old graduating from TCU with a Physics degree. Nope, that’s not a typo.

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Top TCU recruits put football plans on hold for a chance at gold in track | The Star-Telegram

Jalen Reagor is a special all-around athlete, who stayed to compete for his senior track season. Though it’s great to get the kids on campus and working early, I applaud Reagor and Snell staying to give it a go at a state title and play out their high school athletic careers. I really like both of these kids, who are looking to come take a spot from day one and have the fire and competitiveness that seemed to be lacking from last year’s team.

“If he would have left to go to TCU early, I would have left,” Reagor said of Snell, his fellow TCU signee. “But I ran track because last year, we came in second at state. This year, we’ve got a chance to redeem ourselves. I like to compete. So if I feel we’ve got a chance, I’m going to do it. If I feel like we’ve got a chance to win a state championship, or even be in the mix, then I’m going to do my best at it, as if I was playing football.”

“Not just to go out and play the game, not just to go out and compete, but always to dominate,” the senior Reagor said. “If you have that attitude, you won’t settle for less. If you go out to just compete, then you’ll settle for less. You set out to dominate, it’ll make you work harder.”

The best Gary Patterson quotes during the offseason | Sports Day

Patterson is praising the character of his young players, but holding back on calling them ready for prime time.

“I really like the kind of people they are. Obviously, we filled our needs and you know me, I'm always talking about paper tigers, so we'll see how they show, but they have great potential and have a great foundation."

Recruiting Update with Three-Star WR Taye Barber | Scout

This kid just got an offer from Columbia. He’s smart. He’s also a dynamic athlete and play-maker that could slide in when Turpin graduates. If he’s looking for the right atmosphere, he’s likely to keep TCU near the top of his list.

Barber is looking to pick a school that fits him on multiple fronts.

"I am just looking for the right atmosphere," Barber said. "Somewhere that I can call home and help fulfill my dream of going to the NFL."


TCU, Schlossnagle looking at more than Big 12 title chances | The Star-Telegram

Oklahoma isn’t out of the Big 12 title race, as they sit 3.5 games back. But TCU has a magic number of two, and while Schloss is (rightly) focusing on the big picture, don’t think for a second that the Frogs don’t want to wrap up the title and keep Tech out of reach.

Two years ago this weekend, the Frogs clinched their first Big 12 regular-season championship with a sweep in Norman.

“Any kind of championship that is to be played for, we would love to be in a position to win it. It means a lot,” Schlossnagle said. “As good as the league’s been since we’ve been in it, 2013, that would be great. It’s nice to have it in your own hands versus waiting for somebody else to help. But the most important thing is that we play well on Friday night and see what happens.”

Around Campus:

14-Year-Old Earns Physics Degree From TCU | CBS DFW

Yeah... so... this was not what my life was like at 14. How about you?

“I’m studying physics but in particular quantum physics eventually going into research and teaching after graduate school,” he said.

Huey-You will graduate TCU with a bachelors degree in physics Saturday.

He was 10 when Professor Magnus Rittby took him under his wing.

“Of course I had reservations,” he laughed. “I’ve never seen a 10-year-old apply for college. But he was a bright kid and I just thought it was worth fighting for him to get admitted and try it.”

Is TCU’s firework obsession because of Boschini? ‘It doesn’t hurt.’ | TCU 360

$70K on fireworks? Now we know why they took Jerry’s money.

In total, the school will spend about $70,000 on fireworks during the 2017 fiscal year, Richardson said.

Boschini said he doesn’t think he is the sole reason TCU uses so many fireworks.

“I don’t think it’s because of me, but I’m sure it doesn’t hurt,” Boschini said.

George Timson, a sophomore finance major, said he has split feelings about the fireworks.

“I think it’s really cool to see them all explode, but part of me feels that’s our tuition money exploding in the air,” Timson said.