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Mailbag Questions: Answered

Great Round of Questions

Saturday Mailbag

JT is here to answer all of your burning questions, but not what that burning feel is.

Is it too late for Kim Mulkey to walk back that mic drop?

It was too late the moment it left her hand.

Do the Spurs still get a participation ribbon if the next two games are similar to games 1&2?

I personal abhor participating ribbons. I don’t like to celebrate mediocrity. That being said, I think the series would be immensely more interesting if Kawhi were not injured. The Spurs look lost without him. That is a tough break, and I think that is a worthy footnote to their impending sweep.

Has the recent youth movement on TCU's defensive coach had an affect on the on the field performance?

Anytime there is a change in position, there is the potential for a lack of execution on the field. Dick Bumpass (hah) had been Patterson’s right hand man for a significant number of years. I believe that type of camaraderie and ability to understand what Patterson is thinking translates to the field. I also think it is not the only factor at play. In 2014 we had a senior laden defensive team. The year after we had a very young team that was injury prone. I expect our defense to return to a semblance of what it was a couple years ago.

Starting QB this year?

I am an outward Shawn Robinson Truther. But I think this question has two facets. Who is start as QB at the beginning of the season and who will start at the end. I don’t believe those questions have the same answer. I believe Kenny will start the season, and I believe at some point during our season the reins will be handed over to Shawn.

How many please stays will it take to keep Skoug another year?

Not enough. But I hope I am wrong.

That was my original quip to this answer, but having actually thought about it, and seeing how it is important for Evan to attain his degree from TCU, I believe that he will in fact stay another year to ensure that happens.

Did Boomer White go to TCU?


Best line on the board for CFB 2017 season?

Currently the Frogs are going off at 60-1 to win the CFB playoff, which would be a great long shot bet.

The best that I am the most intrigued by is the Oklahoma St. Cowboys going off at 20-1. They are my pick to win the Big 12. I think they have the talent to make it to the CFB. At that point it’s anyone’s call.

Or you can take the Crimson Tide at 3-1 and end up winning 300 bucks to your 100. Probably the safest bet in my humble opinion.

Why is this statement true or false: Kenny Hill Thrives under pressure, and melts under criticism?

Trying to entrap me in the paradoxical binary. I believe you are operating in an either/or world, when in reality life is often both/and… not really. I think that statement is false. I don’t believe Kenny thrives under pressure. We have a season of data to prove it. I also am not convinced he melts under criticism. I believe he is most unfazed by it.

What is the predicted remaining tenure of our three main sport coaches, Patterson, Dixon, and Schlossnagle?

I am going to first say that what I am saying is based upon nothing but my own personal musings. Please don’t be mad if they all three leave next year.

That being said, I would not be surprised if all three are life long TCU people. Gary Patterson is 57, and he has a contract extension for another 5 years. The dude has a statue of himself on campus. He will not be going anywhere. People have been knocking on his door for a long time now, seeing what he has done on this campus inspires others. If he hasn’t left by now, he isn’t going anywhere.

Jamie Dixon just got paid. Like hella paid. He played here in his collegiate days. For him, this was a homecoming. He also experience quicker success than anticipated, which I believe has the propensity to make someone root deeper. His contract is also for 10 years, which at the age of 51, will put him at 61 when his contract is up. I think another reason for him staying will be the money put in the new facilities that will make his job in recruiting exponentially easier.

Finally, There is Schlossnagle. This is the one where I have the least amount of reasons for why he would stay. He did sign a contract extension last year that increased his salary significantly. He is only 46, and so he is younger than the other two. Here is why I think he will stay. I am not convinced there is another school that would be an upgrade in baseball. Perhaps Vanderbilt, Louisville, or UCLA, but even then one could argue that TCU is right up there with anyone of them. We have new workout facilities, our recruiting has gone extremely well. There is no reason for him to leave.

All of this I think can be attributed to the work of Chris Del Conte. He has fostered an atmosphere where people are committed to watching our sports flourish, and they have done so. Del Conte makes sure that these three coaches who have a penchant for winning are happy. The real question is whether Del Conte will be a lifer, and I hope for all our sakes that he will be.