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TCU and Abilene Christian Will Resume Suspended Baseball Game Tuesday

TCU will play half a game as the visiting team at Lupton, in a game that will be free to the public

Austin wade will be at third base to begin the resumed game
Melissa Triebwasser

I was disappointed at first when I heard that we’d only be finishing the game from 3/21/17 instead of playing one and a half, but then I remembered that's not always a good thing. I was at both of the Frogs games Sunday in Lubbock and while ACU isn't anything close to Tech, maybe just one game - or half of one - is just fine.

The game was postponed due to severe weather with TCU up 2-0 with two outs and Austin Wade on third for the Horned Frogs in the top of the 5th. Luken Baker will be the the first batter up as TCU resumes the role of the visiting team in the continuation of the 3/21/17 game.

There hasn't been any announcement as to who will be pitching for either team. Trey Morris was pitching for the Frogs when the game left off. He threw 23 of an inning on Sunday against Texas Tech, so he would probably be available if the coaches wanted to let him go an inning or so.

After their trip to Abilene in March, TCU kicked off their 13 game winning streak. Hopefully this meeting with the Wildcats will have a similar effect on them leading up to the postseason.

The game will be free to the public and first pitch is scheduled for 6:30pm CT. Audio for the game will be on 88.7 FM and a video broadcast will be available through Frog Vision.