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FOW Offseason Project 2017- Is Kenny Hill any good? Part 1- South Dakota State

Quarterback is a hot button issue for the Frogs after an up and down season, but how much of that was actually on Kenny Hill? We’ll check the film game by game to find out.

NCAA Football: South Dakota State at Texas Christian
Great power, great quarterback?
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So on Friday I introduced my offseason project: To figure out whether or not Kenny Hill is a good quarterback or not. The on field results obviously weren’t what we were looking for much of the time, but how much of it was on Kenny and how much was on the varying extenuating factors? I came up with some criteria here to check his decision making and execution, and along the way we’ll see just how Kenny did play by play. and game by game.

So, with that in mind, let’s get going! Feel free to follow along with the game film here if you’ve got a lot of time/are a masochist. The first drive starts here.

Play 1: Even spread, 1st and 10 from the TCU 20.

Hill motions the back out to the right at the snap and goes through his progressions smoothly before putting the ball straight in Turpins chest on a 4 yard crossing route. GPR, GPE +1 each.

Play 2: Pistol spread, 2nd and 3 from the TCU 27

Frogs go Tempo and Hill very quickly gets the ball out to a bubble screen, the only route on the play. Very easy pass, but it’s put in the right spot away from the defenders and in front of Turpin to help him turn and get going forward. GPE +1, no read.

Play 3: Motion to Trips right, 1st and 10 from the TCU 35

Hill sticks it in for Hicks and watches the slot bubble out for a run/pass option. The Frogs have numbers in the box, so the handoff is a good call here. GRR +1

Play 4: Empty trips right, 1st and 10 from the TCU 46

The Frogs run a Curl/Flat concept and the corner guesses right and goes underneath the curl- a good call for him if it’s short, very bad if it’s deep. Hill makes the right call to get yards, bringing Hicks back for the ball to create a bit more separation between him and the defender. Hicks rewards this by spinning out of the tackle attempt. GPR, GPE +1 each, SDSU gave a very weird look with only two linemen rushing, both on the left.

Play 5: Double TE with twins left, 2nd and 1 from the SDSU 46

The Frogs line up with a lot of strength to the wide side of the field which draws a lot of attention and gives a one on one matchup with the TE on the right. Hunt has a step, but his route takes him back in where the defender is waiting and Hill puts it ten yards deeper than everyone. No read (Hill was going to the right) all the way, BPE +1. It may be a bit harsh, it wasn’t a great throw, but Hunt didn’t stay open and it’s a safe place to put it when you have 1 yard to gain and two more downs to work with.

Play 6: 2 back Pistol, 3rd and 1 from the SDSU 46

Short yardage so the Frogs bring an extra blocker into the backfield and run the zone read. The DE bounces wide so Hill lets Hicks take the handoff and rumble for the needed yards. There was a bubble option to Turpin as well, but it looked well covered. GRR +1.

Play 7: Even spread, 1st and 10 from the SDSU 40

The cornerback on the right is playing a long way back and with no traffic underneath, Hill throws a ball that bring the receiver back. It’s a good choice and should be an easy 15 yards, but it’s a bit outside and Porter can’t bring it in. GPR +1.

Play 8: 2 Back Pistol with Tight End, 2nd and 10 from the SDSU 40

The Frogs give a run heavy look that sets up a very nice play action and creates both a ton of space and a one on one matchup on the left. Hill sells run well before popping up with patience and delivering a perfect ball that covers a huge amount of distance for the first down and then some. GPR +1, GPE +2.

Play 9: Trips Right, 1st and 10 from the SDSU 19

Play action and Hill sees his receiver on top has a big cushion. Smooth delivery and Porter is the victim of a very good tackle or this could have been a big one. Bad spot from the ref too as forward progress should have given him another two yards. GPR +1, GPE +1, Refs -1

Play 10: Trips Left, 2nd and 8 from the SDSU 17

Looks a bit Run-Pass option, but the receiver on the left is blocking straight away. No read on this one so no points, Hicks takes it in as an SDSU blitzer didn’t set an edge. Touchdown

Drive summary: Hill only gets one minus on this one as it was a very efficient drive. “This offense is going to be amazing this year” thinks past-Hawk. Poor naive soul. The Frogs get two consecutive sacks on the next series and we’re all very optimistic. Second series starts here.

Play 11: Motion to Trips Right, 1st and 10 from the TCU 11

The motion is setting up a bubble, and while Hicks comes up for a fake handoff, Hill is going to the bubble all the way. Again, it’s just in front to help the receiver turn and get upfield. No read, GPE +1

Play 12: 2 back Pistol, 2nd and 5 from the TCU 16

Frogs have loaded the short side with receivers and have the shield aligned on that side as well. The run is badly telegraphed by the formation and Hicks has little space to work with, forcing an early cut up and a loss of one. DPC (Dumb Play Call) +1

Play 13: Trips Left, 3rd and 6 from the TCU 15

For the first time today Hill has some pressure and for the first time he doesn’t get fully set to throw. The ball is delivered toward an open man, but is well outside and would make it difficult to get a first down even if he caught it. GPR +1 (open), BPE +1

Three and out, but Hill still did okay. One good read, one good ball and one pressured throw. Frogs hold SDSU to a field goal, “Well, they’re a ranked FCS team. Not like we were going to Grambling them.” Past Hawk comments. SDSU kicks short to avoid Turpin and the Frogs take over here.

Play 14: 2 back pistol motion to trips left, 1st and 10 from the TCU 30

Frogs set up a beautiful misdirection which Hill sells well with a deft ball palming as he fakes throwing the bubble screen. Pre-injury Turpin has momentum and a lot of open grass, does Turpin things. GRE+1

Play 15: 2 back 3 receiver shotgun, 1st and 10 from the SDSU 37

The backs cross in front of Hill to hide that he’s rolling out with the ball. SDSU linebacker is spying Hill and flows down hard to make pressure, but Hill delivers a nice ball on the run to a wide open Turpin who dances to avoid a tackle but gets no extra yards. GPR +1, GPE +1

Play 16: Even spread, 2nd and 3 from the SDSU 30

Hill takes a low snap and delivers an absolute bullet through a nice window to Desmon White on a crossing route, who can’t hang onto it. It almost looks like the ball hitting his left shoulder pad turned White around somewhat- the perils of being a 160 lb. receiver, but tantalizing velocity. GPR +1, GPE +1.

Play 17: Even spread, 3rd and 3 from the SDSU 30

Hill knows where he’s going from the alignment and stares down his receiver before delivering a high but catchable ball which is corralled for a first down- but there were more yards there for a better thrown ball. GPR +1, BPE +1. First BPE on a completion, but he was set and there’s no reason for a high ball there.

Play 18: Double stack (two receivers, one lined up directly behind the other), 1st and 10 from the SDSU 25

The Frogs are going vertical all the way, and Diarse gains separation toward the end of his route. Hill finds him with a ball that drops neatly into his arms as he turns. Very nice route combination and delivery here, the ball doesn’t hang in the air so it’s not a pick risk. There might have been a touchdown on the outside, but this one was safer. GPR +1, GPE +1

Play 19: Empty trips right, jet motion. 1st and goal from the SDSU 4

Frogs go with a fly sweep to Turpin- technically a pass, but as it’s just a 1 yard flip I won’t chart it. The TCU O-line gets out wide and gets blocks, but Turpin turns it up too early and runs straight into traffic. Hypothetical Turpin chart gets a BRE.

Play 20: 2 back Pistol with Tight End, 2nd and goal from SDSU 2

TCU has come out with its beef formation so single coverage out wide, so it’s the first appearance of that Meacham favorite, the end zone fade. No read, Hill just puts it up well outside. SDSU CB is as handsy as a 14 year old whose parents have left town, so hard to say if it was catchable for Porter or not. No charting.

Play 21: 2 back Pistol with Tight End, 1st and goal from SDSU 1

Zone Read, Hill reads the end correctly and hands off, but the OL doesn’t get much push. Hicks gets turned away from the goal just short. GRR +1

Play 22: Ace Left (1 receiver 1 TE left, 2 receivers right), 2nd and goal from SDSU 1

Play action sucks in the defense and Hill sees Porter about as wide open as you can be in the red zone. He could have laid it in a bit softer, but Porter really, really needs to catch this. Instead it bounces off his hands and out the back of the end zone. GPR +1, GPE +1. Drop #2 if you’re counting. It turns out that the reason Porter was so open was a hard pushoff and it gets flagged. This is why people get angry at you, Porter.

Play 23: Empty trips right, 2nd and goal from SDSU 16

False start. I’m beginning to remember why TCU’s 2016 was so frustrating.

Play 23 take 2: Even spread, 2nd and goal from SDSU 21

Hill has locked in and stares down his man the whole way. Slight ding on Slanina for not fighting for position and the ball, but it’s just bad on Kenny, the outside was open and would’ve set up a third and ten-ish. BPR +1, BPE +2

Well that didn’t end well. The penalties pushed the Frogs back and Hill got impatient to get it all back in one go. Instead of giving the Frogs a nice big cushion that they could coast with, SDSU busted a huge run and took a lead. Now we’re in a game. The Frogs take over at their own 36 to try to answer here.

Play 24: Trips right, 1st and 10 from the TCU 36

Hill has a look at the defense which is showing only two defenders within 10 yards of the three receivers and seems to make his mind up before he actually watches them drop. As a result he doesn’t see that the cornerback just sits at his initial depth until the ball is released, and he easily steps in front for a pick. BPR +2, BPE +1. The ball was accurate, but the read was abysmal and now SDSU is set up on the TCU 25.

“Maybe Kenny isn’t winning the Heisman this year.” thinks past Hawk. After a great start, Hill is racking up the negatives. SDSU takes it in and it’s 17-7 with ten minutes to play in the second quarter here.

Play 25: 2 back pistol, 1st and 10 from the TCU 25

The Frogs are trying to settle things down after back to back picks, Hicks slams into the middle for two yards.

Play 26: Trips right, 2nd and 8 from the TCU 27

It’s an inside zone all the way but the TCU OL doesn’t get much push and Hicks again picks up two yards.

Play 27: Empty trips right, 3rd and 6 from the TCU 29

SDSU sends two and drops 9, giving Hill plenty of time to come off his first read and find Williams all alone up top for the first down. GPR +1, GPE +1.

Play 28: Trips right, 1st and 10 from the TCU 45

Handoff all the way, Hicks takes it out wide instead of cutting up where the yards are. Nothing for Hill.

Play 29: Even spread, 2nd and 9 from the TCU 46

Feed the Hicks beast again for three yards this time.

Play 30: Empty trips left, 3rd and 6 from the TCU 49

SDSU shows pressure and brings it, leaving Hill a short window to read. The coverage is tight and so he takes off toward the sideline, but the QB spy is following and Hill ends up getting pushed out of bounds two yards shy of the first down. GPR +1, BRE +1.

Frustrating sequence, but Hill didn’t have much to work with. If he’d cut inside it might have been enough to shake the linebacker, but he delivered on his only attempt of the drive. Happily the Frogs get a stop and pre-injury Turpin steps in to bring some semblance of comfort back to the stadium with an 81 yard punt return. A strip sack on SDSU’s next possession sets the Frogs up in the red zone here.

Play 31: Tight end and 2 receivers right, 1st and 10 from the SDSU 13

Hicks cuts a run back to the single receiver side for 5, no read.

Play 32: Tight end and 2 receivers right, 2nd and 5 from the SDSU 8

TCU runs the zone read and Hill reads it right. Hicks follows the blocks and we’re back in business. GRR +1.

Play 33: Even spread, 3rd and 1 from the SDSU 4

Zone read, SDSU crashes in hard to try and stop Green. Instead Hill pulls and pops into the end zone almost untouched. GRR +1, GRE +1. As an additional note, Hill does his “Kings” gesture and nobody cares.

Hill finally gets to show some of his talents and a runner and it’s stuff we can work with. Of course the TCU defense balances out its previous turnover creation with a miserable bust and we’re back to trailing. Why did I volunteer to watch 2016 again for this project? The Frogs take over with 49 seconds in the half here.

Play 34: Empty trips right, 1st and 10 from the TCU 34

The frogs use a crossing concept to try and rub off Turpin’s man and Hill waits patiently despite pressure to put the ball right in front of Turpin... who can’t corral it. GPR +1, GPE +1. Drop #3.

Play 35: Trips right, 2nd and 10 from the TCU 34

SDSU is trying their delayed corner drop again, but Hill comes off of his first read and sees it well. Pushing it vertical, Hill hits Williams in stride over the top for a first down and decent YAC- get out of bounts, Taj! GPR +1, GPE +1.

Play 36: Trips right, 1st and 10 from the SDSU 43

Hill reads the single receiver side first, then rolls out and delivers smoothly to Turpin on the opposite side of the field near the sideline. Honestly it might have been just as good a throw to Porter another 5 yards behind before Turpin popped his arms out and snagged it instead. That is some impressive arm strength, and it’s another first down. GPR +1, GPE +1.

Play 37: Empty trips left, 1st and 10 from the SDSU 26

Hill delivers quickly to the top of the trips formation and is hoping for a broken tackle. It’s not a bad gamble as the Frogs still have two time outs to play with. GPR +1, GPE +1.

Play 38: Trips right, 2nd and 6 from the SDSU 22

Hill drops and sees what he likes, delivering a nice strike to Slanina. Ty bobbles it and costs himself some extra yards, but still manages to fall forward for the first down. GPR +1, GPE +1.

Play 39: Empty trips left, 2nd and 10 from the SDSU 15

After a spike, Hill sees his receivers up top run into each other and has to come to his end zone read to Williams. The throw is behind Taj, though and the Frogs have to settle for the field goal. GPR +1, BPE +1.

A mostly positive half, but those negatives were big ones. Hill showed a bit of impatience and fell for a weird zone look. Past Hawk remains cautiously optimistic that this isn’t going to turn into Michigan-Appalachian State, but is worried about Arkansas. The Frogs take the ball after the half and set up after a touchback here.

Play 40: Ace TE left, 1st and 10 from the TCU 25

Normally when you give Meacham a while to think about a play he gets fancy, but in this case it’s a straight zone read. The DE hedges his bets, but there is a linebacker sitting right over the top of him that Hill sees so he makes the hand off. GRR +1

Play 41: TE and 2 receivers right, 2nd and 7 from the TCU 28

Play action zone read and Hill rolls out to the three receiver side. The coverage is good and SDSU gets away with a shove to the back as well. Hill finds an open man in time but a linebacker gets some impressive lift and is able to tip it away. GPR +1, BPE +1

Play 42: Even Spread, 3rd and 7 from the TCU 28

Hill sees what he likes right away from the CB’s drop and is able to have the ball in the air before the receiver turned around. The catch is simple and the first down is secured, nice work this time. GPR +1, GPE +1

Play 43: Ace TE Left, 1st and 10 from the TCU 38

It’s zone read, but Hill would’ve been better served to keep in this case. The DE was still hedging, but no linebacker over the top means there are yards to be had outside. BRR +1.

Play 44: Motion to even spread, 2nd and 8 from the TCU 40

No immediate options as pressure starts to come. Hill steps up toward the line and there’s a ton of open space. Past and present Hawk both yell “Don’t throw it!” as he pulls up and delivers across his body... to a wide open Austin who breaks a tackle and takes it into the end zone. This is why I just look at film and he’s the quarterback. GPR +2, GPE +1. The first GPR double plus, but it would’ve been very easy to just run it out.

Austin fumbled in the end zone but recovered it. Arrgh, 2016. TCU’s defense is also showing signs of struggling with really big receivers. SDSU answers and we’re tied again when TCU takes over here.

Play 45: 2 back TE right, 1st and 10 from the TCU 28

Nice sell on play action as Hill comes off the handoff and delivers to a wide open Porter. GPR +1, GPE +1.

Play 46: 2 back TE right, 1st and 10 from the TCU 49

Frogs go back to the well with the same formation and a similar play design (Ugh, Meach.) but this time SDSU is read for it (shocking, that) and Hill has to roll out and gets a few extra yards by pump faking on the run to set up a lane outside. GRR +1, GRE +1.

Play 47: Even Spread Pistol, 2nd and 5 from the SDSU 46

Bubble screen all the way, Hill delivers quickly and Turpin gets the edge for a first down. No pluses on this one.

Play 48: Trips right, 1st and 10 from the SDSU 36

No read, Hill is going to the swing/screen type thing to Hicks the whole way as the receivers are already blocking. Nice design, but no pluses either, very simple.

Play 49: Trips left, 1st and 10 from the SDSU 21

And the same play the other direction. I know Meacham likes to hurry up, but at least give the guys enough time to change to a different playcall sign on the sideline. No pluses for Hill, but this one is snatched behind the line of scrimmage. DPC +1. Offsetting penalties so we’ll do first down again.

Play 50: Ace TE right, 1st and 10 from the SDSU 21

Zone read with Derrick Green, Hill hands off and takes a sell step but Green does nice work on the outside. GRR +1

Play 51: Even spread, 1st and goal from the SDSU 6

Zone read look again, but I don’t think Hill had a keep option on this one. No pluses.

Play 52: 2 back pistol TE right, 2nd and goal from the SDSU 3

Straight handoff but the Frogs run away from the strength and into unblocked defenders because... they can, I guess?

Play 53: Double TE 2 receivers left, 3rd and goal from the SDSU 3

The classic from the Patterson era, option to the short side of the field. Hill gets a man in his face before he gets to the pitch man and dutifully shovels it out to Hicks, who finishes the run. GRR +1

Good runs and good reads from Hill this time. Frogs finally get a stop and the offense takes the field with a chance to create some breathing room here.

Play 54: Even spread, 1st and 10 from the TCU 18

Hill patiently waits in the pocket and has a look down field. Nothing there and he checks down to the underneath route and Slanina. GPR +1, GPE +1

Play 55: Even spread, 2nd and 4 from the TCU 24

Again Hill has time and sees an opening, but puts it just a bit outside where Williams couldn’t bring it in. GPR +1, BPE +1. It’s almost a push as it was put in a safe spot, but Williams was pretty open and a softer ball would have still gotten the first down.

Play 56: Even spread, 3rd and 4 from the TCU 24

Hill drops back and gets a look at tight coverage across the board. He rolls out and takes a good angle toward the sideline and picks up the first down. GRR +1, GRE +1.

Play 57: Even spread, 1st and 10 from the TCU 29

Another drop back and Hill delivers to his first read as SDSU is playing well off. It comes in hot, but Williams snags it and gets a few extra yards thanks to the decisiveness. GPR +1, GPE +1.

Play 58: Even spread, 1st and 10 from the TCU 49

Hill has to buy time as the coverage is quite good again. He drops back further in the face of pressure and delivers another good ball to White. GPR +1, GPE +1.

Play 59: Trips right, 1st and 10 from the SDSU 35

The Frogs go back to the swing pass behind the Trips and it’s another unchartable success.

Play 60: Trips left, 1st and 10 from the SDSU 23

Inside zone run, no read. Hicks is starting to get going, though.

Play 61: Empty trips right, 2nd and 2 from the SDSU 15

The formation gives a good amount of space for the two receiver side and Hill delivers a nice ball to Turpin toward the sideline. GPR +1, GPE +1

Play 62: Empty quad receivers right, 1st and goal from the SDSU 7

Hill turns to sell a screen before going straight up the guts on a QB draw and powering into the end zone for the score. GRE +1.

Breathing room acquired, great drive by Hill. SDSU answers because we can’t have nice things. SDSU’s Jake Wieneke is the truth, though. Frogs up by 7 when we pick back up here.

Play 63: 2 back shotgun TE left, 1st and 10 from the TCU 26

Frogs go play action, but would have been better served if it had been a real handoff. Pressure comes on Hill quickly and he turfs it to avoid a sack. No pluses or minuses.

Play 64: 2 back pistol, 2nd and 10 from the TCU 26

Again the Frogs go play action when a run would have served them better. Hill has just one option on this play and delivers a ball to a well covered Porter who gets cleaned up as the ball arriveds. GPE +1 I guess? No read.

Play 65: Trips right, 3rd and 10 from the TCU 26

Pressure comes early this time, as SDSU knows that the pass is coming on third and ten. Hill evades and moves across to the one receiver side, keeping his eye downfield until he pulls up and delivers to Williams for the first. GPR +1, GPE +1. Holding brings it back even further though.

Play 66: Trips right, 3rd and 20 from the TCU 16

Hill has time this time around and actually finds Turpin past the marker and puts it right on him only for the ball to bounce off of Turpin’s hands. That one’s frustrating. GPR +1, GPE +2 (Degree of difficulty was high, but Hill found a nice window and Turpin just turfed it).

Turpin has had two bad drops tonight, that one cost the frogs a chance to convert and potentially ice the game. The Frogs keep SDSU to a field goal so it’s 45-41 when TCU gets the ball back here.

Play 67: TE right pistol, 1st and 10 from the TCU 15

Hill drops back and gets a good read on the far side of the field, but sails it too high. GPR +1, BPE +1.

Play 68: TE right pistol, 2nd and 10 from the TCU 15

Same formation, very similar playcall leads to the same route by the same receiver (Why?). White can’t bring it down, though. GPR +1, GPE +1, DPC +1

Play 69: Empty trips left, 3rd and 10 from the TCU 15

SDSU shows blitz, but back out of it and get pressure anyway. Kenny starts to move and tucks early and should be wrapped up short of the first down. Instead he surprises himself by slipping through two tackles (he genuinely looked surprised to still be on his feet after the second one) and picks up the first down. GRR +1, GRE +1.

Play 70: TE two receivers right, 1st and 10 from the TCU 28

Inside zone, Hill looks like he’s reading but theres not actually anyone to read. At this point I’m starting to wonder if we know that in a zone read you’re supposed to leave a defender unblocked to read? No pluses.

Play 71: Trips right, 2nd and 8 from the TCU 30

TCU gives the trips RB swing look that they’ve run a few times but Kenny is going to a hitch on the one receiver side. Nice setup, Kenny delivers it high, but Williams is able to spin out of a tackle and pick up a first down. GPR +1, BPE +1. Good read, but it would’ve been more yards after the catch if Williams didn’t have to jump.

Play 72: Pistol even spread, 1st and 10 from the TCU 40

Outside zone handoff all the way. This formation seems the most effective for running outside zone. Or maybe it’s the holding. On second watch it looks a bit ticky tack, but it was unnecessary as Hicks was already past Collins when it happened.

Play 73: Even spread, 1st and 20 from the TCU 30

Clean pocket, Hill is reading the linebackers drops and finds a nice window to Slanina who draws a targeting call as well. GPR +1, GPE +1. I’m beginning to wonder why Slanina disappeared so much even when he was on the field last year. Then I remember that pick. Collins is mad about his holding penalty the previous play and balances the targeting out with his own personal foul, so what would’ve been 23 positive yards turns into 1st and 10 from the same spot.

Play 74: Even spread, 1st and 10 from the TCU 30

SDSU shows pressure and brings another on a zone blitz, but Hill is already delivering to his presnap read. It’s low, but its a catch. GPR +1, BPE +1, Williams had to go down to make the catch and the window was bigger than that.

Play 75: 2 back pistol, 2nd and 4 from the TCU 36

Pressure comes in and Hill dumps it off too high for Green out of the backfield. I’m not going to ding him for it, because it looked like by throwing it incomplete it saved a tackle for loss. GPE +1

Play 76: Even spread, 3rd and 4 from the TCU 36

Good pocket and Hill has receivers crossing the middle at different depths. I think the shorter route to Turpin would’ve gotten more yards, but can’t fault the delivery to Diarse. GPE +1.

Play 77: Even spread, 1st and 10 from the 50

Tempo makes SDSU burn a time out. Double slant concept and Hill takes the open man for three. GPR +1, GPE +1

Play 78: Even spread, 2nd and 7 from the SDSU 46

4 Verticals time, but nobody open on the right and Hill has to step up to avoid pressure. He throws without getting his feet set, but it’s a decent ball that the receiver can adjust to by stopping short. White does stop short but the ball bounces off of his hands and into the hands of Williams who trots into the end zone untouched. Live by the bounce, die by the bounce I suppose. GPR +1, GPE +1, Luck +1

Very fortunate break there, but Kenny put it in the right spot. The receiver is looking back to the ball, so he has more time to stop short and make a catch. Particularly if the defender hasn’t gotten his head around yet it’s a good play for a completion or drawing a PI when the DB runs into the braking receiver. TCU makes SDSU go backwards on their next possession and takes over with 7:42 to play here.

Play 79: 2 back shotgun 2 receivers left, 1st and 10 from SDSU 46

Same spot we just scored from, weird. TCU starts to go to the bag of tricks with the reverse to Gray. Nothing chartable for Hill, but it was a good fake throw motion?

Play 80: 3 back pistol, 2nd and 2 from SDSU 38

Good play action with the first two backs lead blocking before the fake handoff. Hill pulls and delivers a nice ball on a deep out route. That’s an NFL throw. GPR +1, GPE +2.

Play 81: 3 back pistol, 1st and 10 from SDSU 23

Acres of space up top, but it’s a straight handoff to Green this time. He probably should’ve followed his blockers.

Play 82: 2 back pistol, 2nd and 8 from SDSU 21

Johnson in the game and the blocking disappears at the LOS, he changes direction, loses momentum and gets dropped for a minimal gain.

Play 83: Even spread, 3rd and 7 from SDSU 20

SDSU brings pressure into a straight drop back and Hill has a tiny window on an out route for a first down. Hill fits it in perfectly and White makes the catch. Another very difficult throw. GPR +1, GPE +2

Play 84: Trips right, 1st and 10 from SDSU 12

Swing pass to Hicks on the one receiver side this time, but it doesn’t fool anyone. The better call would’ve been to go to Williams on the breaking in route from the same side, but I can understand wanting to take it safe and see if Hicks can beat a man one on one. BPR +1 all the same.

Play 85: 2 back pistol TE right, 2nd and 9 from SDSU 11

Inside zone to Johnson who gets his legs wrapped up by the guy the other back should have blocked.

Play 86: Empty trips right, 3rd and 6 from SDSU 8

The coverage is solid across the trips side, and as Hill comes back to read the two receiver side he sees a running lane and takes it decisively. GRR +1, GRE +2, Touchdown.

TCU gets a stop and from here it’s run out the clock time.

Well that ended up being a bit more work and a lot more words than I expected. Hopefully there’s something interesting to be gleaned from the data. The official box score has Hill as 33/49 for 439 yards with 2 passing TDs and 2 picks. On the ground he had 7 carries for 45 yards and 3 TDs. Looks like pretty good numbers across the board, interceptions excepted, so let’s check our totals.

Run Read: 12 good reads (+12), 1 bad read (-1)

Run Execution: 7 good executions (+8), 1 bad execution (-1)

Pass Read: 37 good reads (+38), 3 bad reads (-4).

Pass Execution: 36 good executions (+ 40), 11 bad executions (-12)

At first glance that’s just about in line with the traditional stats- about a 3:1 ratio on good to bad passes matches is a bit better than his completion percentage of 67%, but not much. What stands out is that, in this week at least, Kenny was making very good decisions for the most part. Only 3 bad reads (1 was a very bad one though) is pretty solid, and shows that at least at this point Kenny was making some very good presnap reads and delivering the ball with confidence. One thing that may go a way in explaining that is that Hill wasn’t sacked at all in this game and was rarely under serious pressure. That’s some data that we’ll start to pick up on next week, but one thing that also stands out is that Kenny does seem to be comfortable in hurry up sets and working the short-mid range game in particular. The arm is there to deliver deep, but he doesn’t have the deftest of touches like Boykin did. Next week the competition steps up, so we’ll see how Kenny holds up- in a regal fashion, I’ll bet.

Thoughts, suggestions or anything else you’d like to see measured or charted? Let me know in the comments.