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Frogs O’ War(Saturday) Mailbag: Australian Edition

You have questions, I have answers. Maybe not the answers, but answers.

Saturday Mailbag
Does anyone have one of these style mailboxes anymore?

Those who come seeking wisdom shall find it, though perhaps not in the form they desired. It’s mailbag answering time.

Has anyone ever sued a university for the extreme mental anguish caused by their baseball team's bullpen?

Not successfully, though one could probably argue that it would constitute grounds for divorce. Don’t expect to be let back into the bandwagon on the year we make a run, though!

Is there any greater sporting event than OT of an NHL Game 7?

There are certainly greater one-off events (College OT of a playoff or National championship game? Huge) here or there, but for consistency and intensity I don’t think it’s possible to top an OT game 7... Outside of a 2OT game 7. Playoff hockey is simply incredible.

Fact or fiction? Barz is hitting in the tournament after changing to pants up with stirrups. Fact or fiction?

I know next to nothing about baseball, but I like the sound of that theory. Fact until proven fiction.

When does the pool open?

TCU swimming and diving competitions typically start in late September. The swim team finished their competition for the year in late February and set two new school records in Big 12 Championship competition. Good for you for showing some interest in the sports that get less coverage here, Philly.

Favorite unwritten collegiate baseball rule?

The one that says that you shouldn’t criticize your blog of choice for not having answers to baseball questions. Great rule that I’ve never seen written down, but so applicable here!

Least favorite written collegiate baseball rule?

That Baylor is allowed to field a team. It just doesn’t seem right to me.

When I see any kid elect to transfer from TCU, I worry it’s a canary in a coal mine, why should I not be worried?

Try not to worry too much about the kids that leave, as there are all manner of reasons for them. Often it’s a simple matter of not liking where they are on the depth chart and hoping that a different program would give them a better opportunity to play and show off their talent. There may also be talk of a position change that they resist- Cameron Echols-Luper wanted to play quarterback again, but he wasn’t going to unseat Boykin. You’ll also see some out of state kids transfer somewhere a bit closer to home, and there you see the real key word to help you not worry too much about transfers. Kids. It’s a fact that’s easy to overlook when you see them on the field doing great feats of strength and skill, but these are 18-22 year old men who in many cases are living on their own for the first time in life. As a mature adult you might think the idea of moving to get away from a bad breakup is a bit over the top, but when you were 18, heartbroken and you had a number of other institutions that would be prepared to give you a free education would you have considered it? Unless the transfers start coming from established starters or in big clumps, it’s not something to worry about.

Does Devonte Fields truly dislike TCU or was he venting?

It wouldn’t surprise me much either way, really. Fields is a frighteningly talented individual who made some incredibly poor off-field choices that led to his time at TCU coming to an end. He may hold a grudge about how it was handled and he has evidently kept his nose clean at Louisville to the point where he feels justified complaining about his departure from the program. That’s fine and I’m happy that he’s managed to put his life together at his new program, but that doesn’t mean that he didn’t create his own situation at TCU that made it impossible for Patterson to keep him in good conscience. I think it’s more likely that Fields is still upset that he’s not having the success he wanted at the school he originally chose and, during a moment of weakness, lashed out. I hope he finds success and peace of mind in the future.

Why doesn't Iowa State field a baseball team?

That it doesn’t make financial sense for them is the easy answer, and probably the most correct as well. It is worth noting that teams from more Northern states typically have to put a lot of time in on the road before things warm up enough for them to host their own home games, and that is not a particularly appealing option for a team that would only just be starting up in what is annually one of the best baseball conferences in the nation.

And that does it for the questions this week. It will likely be much closer to football season before I take a mailbag again, so if you have any other questions you’d like me in particular to answer feel free to ask in the comments.