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TCU Baseball officially an NCAA Regional Host site

The Frogs will start in Fort Worth for the fourth consecutive year.

TCU Baseball vs Texas (Big 12 Tournament)
TCU Baseball vs Texas (Big 12 Tournament)
Melissa Triebwasser

#ToadToOmaha officially begins in Fort Worth for the fourth straight season, as the NCAA announced TCU as one of the sixteen regional host sites when the tournament gets under way later this week. The other hosts are Baton Rouge (LSU), Chapel Hill (North Carolina), Clemson (Clemson), Corvallis (Oregon State), Fayetteville (Arkansas), Gainesville (Florida), Hattiesburg (Southern Miss). Houston (Houston), Lexington (Kentucky), Long Beach (Long Beach State), Louisville (Louisville), Lubbock (Texas Tech), Stanford (Stanford), Tallahassee (Florida State), and Winston-Salem (Wake Forest).

It was completely expected, but it’s still nice to know that TCU will at least be at home through the regional. National seeds and regional pairings will be announced Monday morning at 11am Central on ESPN 2.

Despite falling to Texas in the Big 12 tournament, it’s still very likely that TCU winds up with a national seed, meaning that they’d host a Super Regional as well, should they reach that point.

Frog fans can breath a big sigh of relief should TCU be announced as a national seed, because TCU is 23-4 at home this season, compared to their 13-10 record on the road (they’re also 6-2 in neutral-site games).

Despite losing in the Big 12 tournament, I have a pretty good feeling about this team’s tournament run ability if the starting arms can continue to do what they did over the weekend. Lodolo, Janczak, Howard, and Traver combined for a 1.29 ERA, a 0.79 WHIP, and 31 strikeouts in 28 innings pitched.

Of course, the bullpen inconsistencies continued as they have for a while now, and the bats bookended the weekend with some not-great performances, but starting pitching can carry a team if it needs to.

This team has the talent to make a big run, and now it’s time to go out and do it.