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Frogs in the Pros: May 21-27, 2017

Cashner breaks a losing streak, Arrieta continues to work on velocity, and Carpenter takes heat for his base running.

MLB: Philadelphia Phillies at Texas Rangers Jerome Miron-USA TODAY Sports

Jake Arrieta (P/Chicago Cubs) – On May 21, Arrieta pitched at home against Milwaukee. He pitched a full 6 innings, allowing just 1 run on 5 hits, while walking 1 and striking out 6. It was one of the strongest games Arrieta has pitched recently, and the Cubs got the 13-6 win. It was Arrieta’s second win this month, and he pitched a season-high 111 pitches against 26 batters. It was nice to see such a solid game from Arrieta.

Then on May 26, Arrieta faced the Dodgers in L.A. The Dodgers are currently 2nd in the NL West, with a record of 29-20. With the Cubs and Dodgers facing off in the NL Championship Series last season, emotions always run high between the two clubs. Arrieta pitched another full 6 innings, allowing 4 runs on 5 hits, including home runs in the 3rd and 6th. He walked 1 and struck out 9. But the play of the night came when Chase Utley came to bat in the 5th and hit a ground ball between the mound and first base. Arrieta raced to grab it and did a dramatic dive-and-slide to first base. Utley was called safe before an official review showed Arrieta clearly beat him to the bag. The Cubs ultimately lost the game 4-0.

Of course, the emotions of losing to the Dodgers made every Cubs fan forget about his performance 5 days before. Suddenly, everyone was questioning his talent again. Everyone except his agent, that is.

The Cubs also posted a great #TBT video of Arrieta at a local elementary school. Check it out and watch him tower over the kids while they ask if the Cubs can win another World Series:

Arrieta is schedule to pitch Wednesday in San Diego. He currently has a 4.92 ERA, with a 1.36 WHIP. To follow Jake Arrieta this season, click here.

Matt Carpenter (3B/St. Louis Cardinals) – Carpenter was home for the final game in a series of 3 against the Giants on May 21. After losing the first two games, Carpenter hit a 2-run homer in the bottom of the 5th, making the score 6-1 Cardinals. They went on to win the game 8-3.

Carpenter has also taken some heat this week about his base running.

May 22 was a travel day...

On May 23, the Cardinals were in Los Angeles for a 3-game series against the Dodgers. In Game 1, Carpenter had absolutely no luck against the Dodgers. The teams were tied 1-1 until the 13th inning, when the Dodgers were finally able to break it and get the 2-1 win.

On May 24, Carpenter had a little better luck, when he reached on a bunt to shortstop in the top of the 5th. He was brought in by a single by Jedd Gyorko, followed by an error by left fielder Cody Bellinger. That made it 4-0 St. Louis. Carpenter singled later in the top of the 9th but could’t get back around before the inning ended.

Game 3 took place May 25, and the Cardinals struggled throughout the game. They scored 3 runs in the top of the 1st, but were held scoreless the rest of the game. The Dodgers won 7-3 and took the series. Side note: Carpenter doesn’t wear batting gloves, which makes him a total badass in the MLB.

Also, where the heck did they get the music for this?? #notmystarwars

Also, Carp can dance. Drop it like it’s hot, my friend.

The only team doing better than the Dodgers in the NL West right now is the Colorado Rockies. And on May 26, the Cardinals were in Denver to try to win the series of 3. Game 1 was a complete blowout, with the Cardinals losing 10-0. Carpenter singled in the top of the 7th in that game, but was out on a double play at second.

Then on May 27, Carpenter was a pinch hitter and only managed a walk. The Cardinals were able to get a 3-0 win.

On May 28, the final game of the series saw 5 at-bats for Carpenter, but nothing to show for them. Even withe 4 home runs for the Cardinals, the Rockies held them off for the 8-4 victory.

Carpenter currently has 34 hits, 23 runs, and 27 RBIs, including 9 home runs. He has a .224 AVG. He’ll play at home against Los Angeles today. For all the stats during Carpenter's 2017 season, click here.

Andrew Cashner (P/Texas Rangers) – Texas fans know the Rangers have been struggling lately. They lost 5 in a row, and Cashner was an unfortunate victim in that. On May 23, he pitched in Boston. Over 5 innings, he allowed 5 runs on 6 hits, while walking 4 and striking out 2. The Rangers lost 11-2.

On May 28, Cashner pitched in Toronto. He had a great day and lasted 7 innings, keeping the Blue Jays scoreless for 6 of them. The Rangers won the game 3-1, snapping the losing streak. He allowed just 1 run on 5 hits, while walking 2 and striking out 2.

Cashner currently has an ERA of 2.92 and a WHIP of 1.36. He’s scheduled to pitch Saturday, when the Rangers host Houston. For more of Cashner's stats, click here.

Stefan Crichton (P/Baltimore Orioles) — Well, Crichton pitched on May 22 and was promptly sent back to Norfolk on May 23. It may or may not have to do with the 2 runs he allowed on 6 hits, including a home run. And there was this, too:

It’s ugly, y’all. So ugly. He also tallied 3 strikeouts and no walks in the 3 13 innings he pitched. It was his longest outing to date for the Orioles. The team lost 14-7.

You can follow Crichton this season here.

Brandon Finnegan (P/Cincinnati Reds) – Finnegan was scheduled to throw a 20-pitch bullpen session this past Tuesday. He’s expected to rejoin the Reds’ pitching rotation around June 19-24, if things continue to progress as planned. We’re looking forward to seeing him back on the mound...and I’m pretty sure Cincinnati fans are, too.

Finnegan currently has a 2.70 ERA and a 1.50 WHIP.

For more on Finnegan's 2017 season, you can go here.