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Who is Quavo, and how to get him to the TCU Graduation Ceremony

A tweet by a TCU Basketball player is starting to go viral and with good reason.

Meet Quavo:


Quavo is a bearded dragon belonging to beloved TCU Basketball player Brandon Parrish.

The two are practically inseparable:

And now the journey for the two pals is coming to a crossroads. Graduation.

More specifically (and less dramatically) the graduation ceremony. But Parrish, as he often does, has a plan. Check out this video:

“I was in the training room and people were like ‘he’s so calm’ then someone said ‘he should walk the stage with you’ then one of the trainers made a cap and a tassel, then it was on.” said Parrish.

There you have it, as far as viral trends go, I’d give #GetQuavoToGraduation a retweet.