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TCU News: Frogs position themselves for a national seed

Can you believe Schloss started at $65,000?

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TCU gets taste of baseball postseason in series against Texas | The Star-Telegram

The atmosphere at Lupton was pretty lit, as two of the three games went to extra innings. Once again, the Frogs are turning it on at the right time - now can they sustain it for six weeks?

TCU, which rose to No. 6 in the Baseball America rankings, is in line to host a regional and earn a national seed, meaning home-field advantage for the first two rounds.

“I’ve said all year I felt like our best baseball was ahead of us,” Schlossnagle said. “We had that conversation this week with the older guys. There’s a fine line between a sense of urgency and panic. You’ve got to have the sense of urgency — it’s time to go, you’ve got to start putting together better at-bats the way we’re capable, but you can’t overdo it to where you’re panicked or over-try, because that’s a negative thing in baseball.”

TCU’s Skoug rated No. 2 college catcher in Major League draft | The Star-Telegram

Skoug isn’t a defensive wizard behind home plate, but he’s more than serviceable, and his bat and leadership are definitely in the plus category. We are really, really going to miss him, if and when he heads to the Show.

“Sure, we’d love to have him back next year, but more than likely, we’re looking at the tail end of an awesome TCU career,” Horned Frogs coach Jim Schlossnagle said of Skoug, who homered three times and drove in six runs during a weekend sweep of Texas at Lupton Stadium. “We’re really going to miss him.”

Schlossnagle has been a TCU success story, 600 times over | The Star-Telegram

Eric Hyman made a great call in hiring Schloss, who didn’t have much a say in saying yes.

He was 32 years old and it didn’t take very much convincing. Or very much cash, either, for that matter.

“No, it didn’t,” the TCU baseball coach recalled Sunday. “I didn’t really have good negotiating tactics, not with my mother-in-law, who’s from Dallas, and my wife from Dallas. My mother-in-law was sitting in the lobby of the hotel, and the athletic director walks in with my kids running around everywhere. He pretty much knew I was taking the job.

“So I didn’t have a whole lot of leverage on the salary.”


Double standard costs former Arlington Martin, TCU star a shot at NFL | The Star-Telegram

From one of the top players to the country, to on the bench, Fields must now wait for an injury or opening for a team to call.

The NFL does not look like a promising destination right now, but no linebacker has suffered an injury yet, so there is no opening to fill. Someone is going to go down, so Fields may yet get the call he covets.

The former sure thing is now officially a long shot. Most undrafted free agents don’t work out. Neither do most late-round picks.