Am I wrong?

I can't help but feel that Ohio State didn't want to play us very much. Oh, they look down there nose at us, but don't want to play us. For them, a home and home meant facing a team that is comfortable in its own skin as the feisty underdog that can play with anyone not just once but twice. That could have been potentially two losses over two years for a Buckeye team that don't lose often. They didn't like that. Sure, they can spin it that by playing at the Dallas Cowboys stadium in a one-off season opener type game is bigger, but it's not. Sure, they'll be the "road" team but let's not kid ourselves, Jerry World will be much kinder to our guests than the Carter would have been. Sure, they can say it's a big pay out to play the one game at Jerry World, but I'd call it a pay off to get out of the home and home. They're too proud to back out completely so to save face they cook up this scheme with their pals at ESPN. I have no problem with playing our half of the home and home at Jerry World, that's fine, but it shouldn't mean losing the game in Columbus, Ohio. They didn't want to play us twice is the only explanation I can come up with.

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