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2017 TCU Baseball: #MashForMicah Update and Donation Instructions

With the season ending, here is the information to make your #mashformicah pledge.

TCU players wore a the Micah Super Hero patch on their caps all season long.
Melissa Triebwasser

A 50 win TCU Baseball season has concluded, and as we reflect on the incredible accomplishments of this team and its’ players and coaches, we do so missing one important teammate. TCU Baseball and the TCU community as a whole lost an important teammate last summer in Micah Ahern, and as a way to honor him, the #MashForMicah campaign was born.

From one simple tweet by TCU alum Joe Gagnon (@Ace_Gagnon), a revolution was born, one that ended in over $50,000 pledged. But all those promises don’t mean much unless we follow through on those promises, and so consider this your call to action. Let’s turn it over to Joe:

I'm sitting here in Kansas City, just a few hours outside of the Promised Land: Omaha, where my family and I will make our way tomorrow. The one recurring thought I have is, I can't believe the season is almost over. Regardless of outcome, our beloved TCU Baseball team has anywhere from two to eight games left. And with the end of the season, for those of us who pledged to the #MashForMicah campaign, it will be time for us to honor our promise.

By the time the season ends, the total amount pledged will either approach or exceed $50,000. That is incredible. Or, more appropriately, that will be incredible, if each of us follows through on our promise to honor the life and unwavering courage of Micah Ahern and what he has meant and will always mean to the TCU Baseball program, its fans, and friends made along the way who either knew him or knew of him.

So, in advance, let me say thank you. Thank you for building on a single tweet, not intended to be seen beyond a relatively small circle of twitter-friends, not intended as anything other than a memorialization of a personal promise. Each one of you made it something so much bigger than ourselves. Thanks also to Melissa Triebwasser and Jamie Plunkett, without whom this would not have gone viral, and who also came up with the #MashForMicah hashtag.

The pledge I made was to donate to the Micah Ahern TCU Baseball Scholarship. That scholarship was established last year to annually recognize and reward the TCU student-athlete who exemplifies Micah's well-known exhortation to "Never Ever Give Up" and who possesses the strength and courage that Micah exemplified every single day of his life.

So, the details and logistics. Here is how to make a donation:

1. When the season ends, you will receive a DM from Melissa Triebwasser, Jamie Plunkett or me providing what we calculate to be the amount of your pledge based on whatever metric you used - home runs, strikeouts, stolen bases, or whatever is the case. If you kept track of your running tally throughout the season, then you certainly don't need to wait to hear from us to make your donation.

2. Donation specifics:

To Donate Online

(1) Please go to:

(2) Reference “Micah Ahern TCU Baseball Scholarship” in the Comments box

(3) Important: ALSO reference #MashForMicah in the Comments box

To Donate by Phone

(1) Please call the TCU Frog Club Offices at (817) 257-7700

(2) When you donate, specify that the donation is for the "Micah Ahern TCU Baseball Scholarship"

(3) Also reference that the donation is in response to the #MashForMicah campaign

To Donate by Check

(1) Please make checks out to “Micah Ahern TCU Baseball Scholarship”

(2) Reference #MashForMicah in the Memo portion of your check

(3) Mail to:

TCU Frog Club

TCU Box 297140

Fort Worth, TX 76129

3. We want to be able to keep track of donations. For that reason, once you donate, please DM Melissa, Jamie, or me to confirm the donation and amount and we can mark you off the donor list.

Ultimately, you are donating your money. You may wish to donate to a different deserving charity. That is absolutely your prerogative. This is an organic social medial movement, not a formal TCU fundraising campaign. Keep in mind, however, that the scholarship was specifically established in Micah's name, to honor him. Donations to the existing scholarship will allow TCU to increase the size of the scholarship award and ensure its long-term viability so that, a generation from now and beyond, future student athletes will know of Micah and his fighting spirit. I can think of no better way to honor Micah and his family.

Again, thank you! The TCU Baseball program has provided us with some memorable seasons over the past decade. The #MashForMicah campaign has added another chapter to the story and, more importantly, will ensure that Micah will always be a part of the TCU Athletics program.

Here is the link to the spreadsheet with everyone’s pledge and the various incentive-based add-ons as well: #MashForMicah Spreadsheet.

For reference, the Frogs hit 58 home runs, four grand slams (I think, someone let me know if that’s incorrect), there were 40 games where the opponent was held without a home run, TCU pitchers struck out a school record 643 opponents - 123 times looking (JJ was responsible for 24 of those), they swept five series and the Shriners’ Classic in Houston, stole 108 bases, swept the regional and super regional series.

The full TCU Baseball stats can be found here.

Please let us know when you have made your donation - you can comment here, tweet at or DM us (@FrogsOWar), or send an email to If we haven’t heard from you, we will track you down :)

Thanks again to everyone who pledged and donates... this is certainly the most meaningful thing I have been a part of since joining Frogs O’ War, and I am incredibly proud of the TCU community for taking the reigns and running with it. Thank you especially to Joe and all the work he has done on social media and behind the scenes. Above all, thank you to Micah and the Ahern family, whose strength inspires us all. We miss you Micah, and we hope you’re proud of us, too.