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Jungle Summer Edition: Over/Under 7 Wins

Vegas has set the Frogs’ win total... JT tells you how to play it from there.

TCU v Baylor
Yeah, it’s up to this guy, isn’t it?
Photo by Ron Jenkins/Getty Images


The number of deadly sins.

The number of Harry Potter books (or Game of Thrones, if they ever come to fruition - looking at you George R.R. Martin).

The baseline barometer number of wins that Vegas has slated for our 2017 football season.

About a month ago I saw the season over/unders for college football were released and immediately searched for the Horned Frogs. I quizzically stared at the screen, vexed at the astonishingly low, in my quixotic esteem, opinion of the upcoming TCU season. It was much to my chagrin when I realized Vegas may have a point. The number seven was higher than our win total only a year ago. A lot of our key components from last season remain the same, with a few pieces of the puzzle ending their tenure with the frogs due to graduation.

While writers make comparisons to 2014, I take a much more pragmatic approach to 2017. The ominous dark cloud of football looms ahead with the potential for a torrential deluge upon our hopes and dreams for a winning record. My honest opinion is that the 2017 season is one large question mark.

In the very least I see 4 losses on the schedule. Oklahoma, Oklahoma State, Kansas State, and West Virginia. It’s possible that we sneak away with one of those, but it is also possible that we give one away at Texas Tech or At Arkansas. Candidly, I don’t have a lot of confidence in this schedule as it is currently slated.

That being said...


I can’t guarantee that it will hit, but I can promise that it will be a wild ride. It’s like the old sententious saying of the wise Miley Cyrus, “It’s all about the climb.”

Sometimes the journey in and of itself is worth the fare alone. Hop on this jet setting airline and enjoy the in-flight entertainment that is every game, knowing that they have a little more weight to them.

A preemptive apology for the stomach ulcer and ensuing medical costs you will incur are in order. Worth it. Perhaps that is the cost of feeling truly alive. You sit on the edge of your seat and watch each game, series, play, and snap with bated breath. You are exhilarated every time the frogs score. That ride feels like it’s worth the price of admission in my humble opinion.

So go uncover the gold you buried in your backyard. Exchange it for cash - Gold is at an all time high, you know. Put it down on the frogs. And then let your thrill-seeking flag fly as you strap in for a roller coaster of a season. Can’t wait.