Disappointed the Big 12 did not expand

I have to admit that I like the fact that all the teams in our conference play each other, but I do feel that due to only ten teams being in the conference that the Big 12 will get short-changed in national views, which let's not pretend that (ESPN especially) doesn't happen. The Big 12 decided to keep the status quo after what seemed like they were hellbent on expanding. The whole thing had the feel of getting all dressed up but not having anywhere to go when it was all said and done. Acting like Houston wasn't a viable candidate to join our conference, are you kidding me? Hello, A&M isn't too far from Houston and LSU has already established their presence in recruiting there. So BYU had some scheduling things to iron out, that could've been another nice addition to our conference. And just how long will West Virginia remain on board with being an island to themself geographically in our conference? Bringing in a team or two from the east would have helped with that. Since the Big 12 didn't expand, I do wonder about the overall health of the conference. Will West Virginia continue to stay on being so far away from the other schools? Does being at just ten teams mean The Big 12 is more the hunted rather than the hunted in terms of expanding as other conferences may see ours as weak and poach members out of it, remember the Pac-10 tried to practically merge with the Big 12 a few years ago. Think what that would have done to the schools that didn't get to go along for the ride. To me, if the Big 12 is going to last, the conference needs to look at expansion again real soon. Even if it means losing West Virginia and raiding the Mountain West for new members. I'm sure Houston, BYU, and SMU would answer calls as well.

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