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Frogs O’ War Mailbag: The Answering

Buckle in folks.

Saturday Mailbag

It seems most Frog fans have baseball on the brain still, with a few football questions sprinkled in. I have plenty of TAEKS, so lets dive right in.

The Big 12 looks more stable than any time period since TCU joined, which of course means it will implode in the next 12-24 months. If it does stay together, the best option for stabilization would be to poach Arizona and Arizona State, in my opinion, but those two will only jump the Pac 12 ship if they have guarantees from Oklahoma and Texas that they aren’t going anywhere. I don’t think Cincy has enough to add, BYU has too many question marks outside of eyeballs and competitive athletics, and the others are ‘if we have to’ options. The money is good, the digital network is forward thinking, but sadly - Texas still runs the show. And when they are actually BACK, as I expect them to be, that’s only going to shift the power structure more.

Last game of 2015/First game of 2016:

C – Skoug/Skoug

1B – Fagnan/Wanhanen

2B – Crain/Warner

3B – Odell/Barzilli

SS – K Jones/Merrill

LF – Steinhagen/Watson

CF – C Jones/Steinhagen

RF – Brown/Johnson

DH – Wanhanen/Baker

So we’ve had to reload in the past, and recently. Next year, we return the following starters: Watson, Baker, Wanhanen. If you look at the roster, we only return the following non-pitchers:

Watson, Hump, Wanny, Baker, Franson, Sturges, Ingraham, Landestoy

With the top three recruits signing with the MLB teams that drafted them:

1. What does the starting day lineup look like out in the field?

2. Where are the new faces going to come from?

- TCU ‘90

I will go into detail on the next question on the infield, but here’s my outfield prediction:

RF: Connor Wanhanen

CF: Josh Watson

LF: Austin Ingraham

Schloss will be hard on the recruiting trail looking for a juco center fielder, but if they don’t find a good option, Watson has the wheels and the arm to play that role. RJ Lan could be a true freshman that takes an outfield role, but I have him slotted in the infield for now - though I have no reason to think that other than I think that.

Despite losing our top three signees, this is still a loaded freshman class. Adam Oviedo, Lan, and Tristan Hanoian are all good defenders and hitters, and there are a couple really intriguing pitchers as well. I think our batting average will be back up near .300 next year, despite likely relying on several true freshmen to bolster the lineup.

Lots of questions about what TCU Baseball is going to look like next year, and though I have a more in depth post coming next week, here is the short version:

1B: Luken Baker/Michael Landestoy

2B: Tristan Hanoian (incoming freshman)

SS: Adam Oviedo (incoming freshman)

3B: RJ Lan

C: Zach Humphreys

In the interest of full disclosure, I don’t really expect Schloss to start three freshmen in the infield, but rather to go the juco route (a la Cam Warner and Ryan Merrill) for 1-2 of those spots. There’s also a chance Landestoy could slide in at second and Trent Franson could fill in at the hot corner. But I am a big fan of Oviedo and Lan, and think Hanoian could be ready quickly as well.

I love that this is a question that we are asking - exciting times for TCU indeed. Here is my theory: Shawn Robinson wins the backup job this fall, and starts at least three games. In 2018, he’s the starter, while Robinson redshirts and Jordan Kitna backs him up. Fall camp in 2019 will be the greatest QB competition in recent TCU history, with Rogers barely edging out Shawn for QB1.

Black Friday 11am?

Yes, that is a question dang it! I am just questioning why in the world does that make sense? - purplelink

Because Baylor.

Sadly, the Revivalry is only going to draw national eyeballs when both teams are good, and neither has high expectations heading into the season. Thus, 11 am.

Well, at least you can still make the Black Friday sales, after.

Which freshman will make the biggest impact next season? Which current player will make the biggest improvement? Which player have the biggest drop off in production? - Ayyo_The_Horned_Frogs_17

Kevin Samuel is a difference maker as far as size and need is concerned, but I’ve got it bad for R.J Nembhard. What TCU was lacking down the stretch last year was someone who could score late in games. Nembhard can be that guy. With the playmaking of Jaylen Fisher and Alex Robinson and the driving ability of Desmond Bane, plus the Kenny Hustle of Kenny Hustle, there should be opportunities for a kid like RJ that can shoot and finish at the rim. He is also a really good defender and has great vision. Guard depth is strong with this team, but I think he will find his way on the floor.

If a horned frog could frog horn, how much horn would a horned frog horn?

1) Why do we keep a pitch count but not a count of throws by pitcher to first base? I get the velocity is not the same, but doesn’t it add up on the shoulder?

2) Was Blue Mountain State about TCU or Boise State? If TCU, what was your favorite episode, if Boise, what episode did you like the least?

3) Other than Prof. Allen, who was your favorite professor at TCU?

4) Any advice on how to stop a thumb sucker, age 2-4, become a Baylor bear?

5) When tackling issues that matter, is it mind over matter or matter over mind? When tackling people, is it mind over people or people over mind?

- mountainmanjim

  1. Good question - I suppose because everyone hates that time killers.
  2. I tried to watch Blue Mountain State, but strangely never quite got into it. Ergo, my favorite episode is... the pilot?
  3. Prof Allen was THA GOAT, but a close second is James Riddlesperger. He made me want to minor in Political Science, and I loved every class I took with him. Wonderful prof, wonderful person.
  4. Well, my parents did the ol’ tabasco in the nail polish trick, and that seemed to work. As far as ensuring your child never becomes a Baylor fan, if you raise them with good morals and values, to love what is good and hate what is evil, you should be ok. Or just take them to Waco. That should do the trick.
  5. We live in a world that is full of good ideas and very little follow through. My generation are a bunch of lawn mower parents, cutting down the tall grass for their kids, keeping them from fighting their own battles and becoming people of action. The mind matters - but it’s pointless if you don’t take action. Ergo, the mind matters but the matter has to mind. In tackling - keep your head up, wrap up, and knock someone down.

This is a great question, and I think we could see some serious strides this fall in several programs. Both soccer and volleyball were postseason participants a year ago, and I expect both to make the NCAA Tournament again and advance farther in 2017.

Football will go as far as consistent Kenny Hill can take them, but with improved talent around him, what looks like a loaded defense behind him, and an offensive line that can’t possibly be worst, I expect him to be above average. That makes the Frogs a 9 win team.

Basketball, on the other hand, is finally going dancing, and will surprise some people as they make the Sweet 16. You heard it here, first.

The best thing at Whataburger is the spicy ketchup, but you can never truly enjoy it because the fries are always cold by the time they get to you. The order is ALWAYS wrong, the wait is far too long, and the salt content could replenish the Pacific. But, if I am going to Whataburger for anything other than breakfast, I am getting the Sweet and Spicy Bacon Burger or the Patty Melt - and having no regrets.

Is it pronounced Tribe or Treeb?

Just in case I ever introduce you at the Pulitzers

- Philly Frog

It’s Treeb. And if I ever win a Pulitzer, you’re on the guest list for sure, Philly.

Thanks for playing along, Frog fans!