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ICYMI: Catch up on the tweets about the Frogs from the past week

As always your time is precious so here’s what happened in the TCU Athletics twitter-sphere from May 31st through June 7th!

Wednesday May 31st-

Thursday June 1st-

Friday June 2nd-

Saturday June 3rd-

Sunday June 4th-

Monday June 5th-

Tuesday June 6th-

Wednesday June 7th-

And there you have it! It was as always a busy week for the Horned Frogs! My MVP of the week was definitely the TCU Baseball team (again)! Looking forward to Super Regionals this weekend. And congrats/good luck to the TCU Track and Field Team as they compete in NCAAs!

What was your favorite event from the past week? Or think we may have missed something? Tell us in the comments or tweet at us @FrogsOWar!