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TCU News: Ty Summers Voted Nicest in the Big 12

The hard-hitting linebacker knocks your teeth out with a smile, according to his opponents.


The way to better offense for TCU? Co-coordinators know where to start | The Star-Telegram

The Frogs have to be better offensively, from the QBs, to the wide receivers, to the running backs. But the newly-minted coordinators know where to start, and have plenty of tools to help them finish.

“Players make a difference,” Luper said. “Shaun Nixon makes a difference coming back to our offense. KaVontae Turpin, we were better with him on the field than off. Our offensive line, we’re more experienced. We’ve got as much experience coming back as just about anybody in the country offensively. The expectation is we’ll play better. We’re going to coach better, and our players should play better.”

LaDainian Tomlinson’s journey started in Rosebud, Texas. Next stop? The Hall of Fame | The Star-Telegram

Those of us around for his TCU playing days knew he was special early on, but he figured it out far sooner.

“That is very true. I played quarterback in peewee and I remember like it was yesterday. I thought when you were the quarterback, you call your own plays. So here I am, this 7-year-old kid, it’s the first game and my coaches give me instructions about what he wants me to do with the first play. He says, ‘The first play I want you to take it and peel around the right end and take off running. I said, ‘Wait a minute. I want to give it to my friend Steven. He’s the running back.’ He said, ‘No, I want you to run it.’

Big 12 player survey: Biggest trash talker? Nicest player? Two players actually got votes as each | Sports Day

No Frogs on the biggest trash-talker list, but TCU does have the nicest player in the conference, according to his opponents.

TCU linebacker Ty Summers reigned supreme for nicest player, perhaps because he hits hard but then helps opponents up and wishes them well, apparently. Texas quarterback Shane Buechele and Kansas State offensive lineman Dalton Risner tied for second. Also notable: Mayfield and Brown, the conference's biggest trash-talkers, each got votes for nicest ... from guys who also deemed them the biggest trash-talkers.