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TCU News: Forget all the old Kenny Hill narratives

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Think you know the narrative on Kenny Hill? Well, forget it. That’s his plan. | Fort Worth Star Telegram

Kenny Hill is entering his senior season, looking to change the narrative that surrounds him.

There was good and bad. Which is why TCU went 6-7.

And why Hill has been waiting since the end of the Liberty Bowl, one of his best, yet personally most disappointing, performances last season — “I can’t believe we just lost this game,” he said he remembers thinking walking off the field — for redemption.

5 things TCU fans need to know about Jackson State | Dallas Morning News

TCU should easily win their 16th consecutive home opener. Good for fifth best in the country.

Jackson State has a chance to be one of the better teams in the Southwest Athletic Conference this season, but even the Tigers' above average defense won't be enough to stop TCU. The Frogs should easily roll JSU for their 16th consecutive win in a home opener. That's the fifth longest active streak in college football, behind Florida (28), Illinois (20), Arizona State (18), and Arizona (17).

Men’s Basketball

Horned Frogs looking to dance for first time in 20 years | Busting Brackets

Will Dixon get TCU to the NCAA Tournament in just his second year at the helm? It’s looking more and more likely, but nothing is guaranteed.

Entering this season, expectations are high for TCU basketball. Given the fact that the Horned Frogs have not made the NCAA Tournament since 1998, this might seem like an odd statement. Yet, Jamie Dixon is turning this program around and he is doing it fast.