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Tomlinson Inspires, Challenges: Reactions From Across Social Media

From former coaches and teammates, to the media, current players, and more, LT received a ton of positive feedback Saturday night.

NFL: Pro Football Hall of Fame-Enshrinement Aaron Doster-USA TODAY Sports

Former TCU, San Diego Chargers, and New York Jets running back LaDainian Tomlinson was enshrined in the Pro Football Hall of Fame Saturday night, one of just two players to make the cut in the first year they were on the ballot. While the speeches of the seven members of the class of 2017 covered the gamut from funny to moving to grateful to historical, none was more impactful than the one delivered by the man known as LT. Woven as a tapestry that covered his history with football as well as the history of his last name, Tomlinson closed with an inspirational call to action that was universally lauded for its grace and power.

See how people and organizations reacted to his words across social media.

His former team made note:

As did members of the national media:

And his Frog Fam, of course:

Former teammates and players both current and former chimed in:

And those that followed him in DFW throughout his career:

A chance to learn more about “Tomlinson Hill” below:


It’s easy to be proud of what LaDainian Tomlinson the football player represents, to be thankful for what he did for TCU and the city of Fort Worth. But it was his 26 minutes of graceful, passionate, challenging words that best represent what makes him so special as a person.

Thank you, LT, from all of your Frog Fam, and beyond.