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TCU News: Will TCU-SMU be a close game?

Here are your morning links!


Here’s one game TCU won’t forget in the SMU rivalry | Fort Worth Star Telegram

Patterson is working hard to convince his guys not to take SMU lightly, and he should. Courtland Sutton is one of the best wide receivers in the country.

The last time the Mustangs visited Fort Worth, they hung 37 points in Chad Morris’ first season as coach. He returns now in his third year with the nation’s fifth-highest scoring team and one of the nation’s best receivers, Courtland Sutton.

Arkansas vs. TCU Final Grades | Arkansas Fight

The guys over at Arkansas Fight grae out each of their position units from the TCU game. Some interesting grades over there.


Overall: B

The QB discussion is insane. Allen, like the defense, played at a level that should have put this team in a situation to win. No turnovers, and very few bad throws even in the face of a lot of pressure from TCU. He was also able to escape and pick up a few first downs when the pocket collapsed around the QB. I’m not sure what more we can ask.

TCU won’t destroy SMU | Dallas Morning News

DMN writer Matt Mosely takes on a few Texas football programs in his latest Q&A.

Thoughts on Courtland Sutton's 4 TD performance Saturday and how SMU looks so far? Any chance against TCU?

Mosley: Anything can happen in a rivalry game like this... but I'd lean pretty heavily toward the Frogs. To walk into Fayetteville and hold that team to seven points is pretty impressive. The Mustangs have some great firepower with Sutton. I've been a huge fan of his for some time now. One of my friends/mentors, Boyd Waggoner played WR at SMU with Don Meredith in the late 1950s. Boyd's watched some pretty good WRs come through The Hilltop... but Sutton seems different. He's able to high-point the ball and do all that... but he also seems to have a great knack for taking off after the catch, as we saw last week vs UNT. The line on this game opened at 20 and has been bet down to 18.5, according to my morning paper. I would've loved to have taken the Mustangs to cover at 20. Now that it's coming down, I'd probably stay away from it. But it's hard for me to imagine the Frogs destroying a pretty potent Mustangs team. This isn't Navy or anything (Sorry, Chad).