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Iron Resolve: TCU 56, SMU 36

After early struggles and miscues, the Frogs pull away from the ponies late

Something to celebrate late as the Frogs pull away
Photo by Ronald Martinez/Getty Images

As always, SMU came to play and emptied their bag of tricks in this one, pulling off a flea flicker and a double pass for early scores and pressure on the Frogs. Meanwhile TCU came out a little flat and unprepared for the intensity that SMU brings to their Super Bowl, but once they realized that they couldn’t simply coast and look forward to the OSU game things settled down a bit. Snell and Reagor both had big games, Anderson continued to look great on the ground and after a successful hail Mary to end the first half it was pretty much all TCU. Hill finished the game without throwing a pick, which is always good to see, and completed 80% of his passes to put together an excellent performance. I still really think we have nothing to gain and everything to lose by playing this game the way it’s currently scheduled, but once again this year: It’s our damn skillet.

Go Frogs.