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MMQB: Skillets and Scores

TCU took home some hardware while moving to 3-0

NCAA Football: SMU at Texas Christian Kevin Jairaj-USA TODAY Sports

Well alright, alright, alright, the Frogs are 3-0 and while we stumbled out of the gate, TCU was able to really dominate through the final 45 minutes of game time.

Now I know what you’re thinking,

Mason, you dunce, TCU was up by 6 going into the 4th quarter...that’s not domination.”

To which I would respond by showing you the box score from the end of the first quarter on, where TCU went on a 49 to 13 run until SMU scored a garbage time TD. Pretty much from the point after (pun intended) SMU kicked a field goal at the start of the second quarter the Frogs controlled the pace of the game. It took a bit for the offense to find a good rhythm, but the Frogs were still able to move the ball with ease on the Mustangs. As is becoming tradition, before I dive into the TCU game.....


Alright, let’s dive in

The Good:

It’s been the first thing I’ve mentioned every week so why break the streak? This run game looks really good. I think Kyle Hicks heard me say last week that Darius may be the starting back from here on out, and took his first carry 41 yards. So ya there’s that. Hicks had to leave the game early, but he did record 84 yards on 11 carries. Not bad for a half days work. Anderson led the team in yards and carries with 14 touches for 89 yards and 2 tuddies...that’s 6.4 yards per carry guys, seriously if we don’t hand the ball to him on a majority of first downs next game I will be personally offended. Sewo notched 63 yards on 7 carries and Snell scored the Frogs’ first TD of the game while finishing his day with 34 rushing yards. If the Frogs are really going to go toe to toe with the top teams in this conference then a lot of the work is going to fall on the shoulders of our run game. Also shout out to the big boys upfront for paving the way for our running backs.

You guys know who else was really good in this game? KENNY. FREAKIN. HILL. We got a great game from Kenny. He completed 24 of his 30 attempts for 365 yards and 4 touchdowns. Hill didn’t throw any picks, which was a great and very welcome sign, considering that we have to go and play in Stillwater next week. Now Kenny didn’t drop dimes for every single one of his throws, but once he got into a groove...he looked pretty good.

Also, I had the pleasure of sitting next to a fan at the game that insisted on providing his commentary after every single play. So naturally, the struggles of the first quarter had him overreacting quite hilariously. When we fumbled the ball the first time, the CFB expert next to me was screaming for Kenny to be benched because Turpin fumbled an easy catch. So if Kenny can keep this up, I don’t want to hear another word about a QB competition. Trust me guys, I am excited for Shawn Robinson too, but let’s take the time to enjoy the last season of Kenny Hill.

Lastly, the defense was really good too, specifically after the first quarter. The defense is going to need to play 4 quarters for us to have a chance next week, but they did a great job for the final 45 minutes. Travin Howard had a pick 6 in the 4th quarter to really blow the doors off of this one and Texada had a nice interception shortly thereafter. Like I said earlier, the defense only gave up 13 points after the first quarter while the game was still competitive, and held SMU to field goals on a couple of critical drives. Hopeully the offense won’t trip over itself early on in the weeks to come as to make the defense’s job a bit easier.

The Bad:

Okay, let’s rip this one off real quick like a band-aid. Kenny missed a WIIIIIIDE open Shaun Nixon down the field for a potential large gain and most likely a touchdown. He ended up throwing it for an incompletion, but not before he got an earful from the crowd that seemed ready to start a riot in front of a Barnes and Noble. I’ll admit, it was a really bad miss. It was one of the few times where even I was like, “Bad Kenny” BUT Hill did get some redemption by hitting Nixon with a gorgeous pass for a TD later that drive.

Another thing that wasn’t great was the defense in the first quarter. Yes I know we fell suspect to some trickery, but that cannot happen against Oklahoma State, Kansas State, or pretty much anyone in conference play.

Also Kyle Hicks getting hurt and potentially ruled out next week really sucks. Hicks, Anderson, and Sewo would’ve been a great one, two, three combo to wear down the OSU front 7, but it appears we may be without one of our most versatile weapons next week. I feel bad for Hicks because he started off so strong, but I know he’ll bounce back strong.

Something that I have been concerned with in regards to our offense is the lack of a deep ball threat (the Hail Mary doesn’t count). I know we don’t have Olympic qualifying speed on the outside anymore, but still I haven’t seen us really try to push the ball down the field much this year. The only time I can really think of was when Reagor barely missed the one handed catch against the Hogs in week 2. Maybe we just don’t call for those routes, maybe Kenny doesn’t like what he sees, or maybe Kenny’s hesitant to throw it down field and risk a turnover. I’m not really sure what the answer is, but we need to be able to have some form of home run threat if we want to keep up with the Pokes next week. Speaking of....

Conference play opens up in Stillwater next week:

Remember last week when I said I’d let future Mason worry about the SMU game and how it was a potential trap for TCU? Well, future Mason really hated past Mason for the first quarter of this game. Future Mason is going to really hate me a week from now, because I know that stressing out about a trip to Stillwater isn’t going to do me any good so it’s all going to hit me Saturday morning. While I said the Arkansas game was the most important game of the season, the game that more or less could decide our Big 12 title hopes (however premature they may be) is next week. It would be awesome to get some revenge for the 2015 game where the Pokes kicked the Frogs in the mouth and hurt our beloved Josh Doctson (not bitter). I wouldn’t be shocked if this one was tight going into the fourth quarter, but I also know that nobody really knows anything about college football and trying to predict it is there’s also that.

Play(s) of the Game:

Well I’m going to cheat a little bit this week and choose two plays as the “play of the game”. Coincidentally they both are by the same person. Jalen Reagor had himself a memorable day. Of course, I had to include the Hail Mary. It wasn’t my personal favorite play, but man was it big time. Especially when you consider how much of an effort the 4 SMU defenders around him ma—

Congrats to Mr. Reagor on his first Tuddy as a Frog! Now on to play No. 2, my personal favorite play of the game. It was a gain of 15 but it was Reagor’s first touch of the game I believe, and it was awesome because he trucked the absolute life out of one of the refs that happened to be in his way.

I love this play, because of how little regard for human life Reagor has here. “Oh there’s a body in the way? I’m just going to run right through them.”

Well...on to the next one, and it’s a big one.

Go Frogs everyone.